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2012 CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by swaytan, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    So yesterday I officially purchased my first proper bike! She's a 2012 CBR1000R in black.

    I don't wanna start any arguments (lol), but I wrestled with ABS vs non ABS for some time (my last bike had it), I ended up with non ABS. At the end of the day I decided it will make me a safer rider to invest the $1500 in making me a better rider rather than on an electronic device to keep me safe.

    I'm having the dealer install a tail tidy & Akrapovič slip on, also plan on a rear hugger & darker windcreen. At this stage I'm not interested in any power gains, I want to learn the bike before I commit to that. Maybe think about installed some shorty levers but I'm undecided.

    Delivery next week!

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  2. Congrats,

    Nice bike I tossed up on one of these myself
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  3. Nice mate, jealous!
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  4. Thanks buddy. At the end of the day Fireblades are in my family & from all accounts this would serve as the easiest intro to the 1000cc class.
  5. Thanks mate, actually went to buy the HRC colour but by the time I got to the dealership it had been sold. So my wife decided (because she's the boss) black was the one to go for.
  6. Congratulations

    Very good choice
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  7. Nice bike mate. 1500 extra for ABS is a bloody joke.
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  8. Gotta love the hrc colour scheme. You should recieve a special pack from honda which includes a tinted screen and a seat cowl. All genuine honda parts
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  9. Thanks mate. Yeah look if it were $500-$750 I'd maybe consider it but $1500? As I said, gonna do some advanced riding courses etc.
  10. Have you seen them when they're de-stickered? White Fireblade FTW! :)
  11. Mate this is mine
    Not going to desticker it though
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  12. Oh and it is in the for sale section too :) would have sold it to you cheap and it has only done 1800km still has some chicken strips
  13. Dammit! Oh well, everything happens for a reason.

    It's funny the press photos of the HRC don't go anywhere close to doing it justice!
  14. Just re-read this, I had no idea about receiving a Honda care package! Was actually asking the dealer about buying the rear cowl.

    Was also looking at a Zero Gravity tinted screen, but can't decide between the direct OEM replacement or the double bubble.
  15. Youll still get them both just sell the honda screen. It seems to work well without being over the top bubbled
  16. I bought a rear seat cowl for my 09 blade was $350 so free is a lot better
  17. Sweet thanks for the info buddy. Think I'll wait until the honda screen turns up then!
  18. I would probably question the dealer as they may be getting them for free and selling them instead of giving them to you. Cant hurt to ask
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  19. #19 swaytan, Mar 6, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2013
    So I'm yet to receive my bike. There's been an issue with the supplier having the tail tidy on back order, they only just got stock today. So hopefully my bike will be all done by Mon/Tue next week. Not a massive deal, I'm sure everybody has been busy due to the end of the month sales etc.

    Did stop by the bike shop to find out about some stuff. My bike was there & had the Akrapovic slip on installed. Man, Akrapovic really know how to make a killer sounding can!

    Bought a pair of SDR levers that I'll whack on, the ASV were my preference but for double the price I think I'll see how the SDR lever go first. Also managed to pick up a carbon fiber rear hugger which should look fantastic.

    Rear view:
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  20. Very nice bike make :)
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