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2012 CBR1000RR Leaked

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, Aug 19, 2011.

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  2. I like it, it's not so pug like.
  3. actually starting to look good
  4. I thought it was going to be a V4?
  5. I think I just found my new toy.
    With a little effort and a few bucks these can be made into a very fine scalpel.
    It needs some more top end, but cant afford to lose any off the bottom. Which I doubt it will get it. Seems like they are going to use brains over brute with the dual clutch system. Constant drive. That in itself is good for almost a second over the qtr mile. And would make mile long wheelies a doddle. :)
    Still needs better brakes and probably rear shock. And a bit more of a hit up top :)
    Promising. If it really is only graphics, it will be well priced. Dual clutch although good. Wont draw the masses like a big hp figure will. promising...when's it released here I wonder.
  6. I believe the V4 will be a limited release and expect a figure around fifty thou. And was told 2012. But I have heard that almost every year for bloody years :)
  7. Just a nip and tuck really. A lot of the details and proportions are the same
  8. How does the dual clutch work with a sequential gearbox? Is it an electronically controlled clutch like in a DSG?
  9. looks eerily similar to the bmw 1000rr imo
  10. The styling reminds me of a hawk or eagle for some reason

    Me rikey.
  11. But with headlights that don't make you cringe.

    I like it
  12. Dual clutch is DSG. It's the same beast we're talking about.

    Note - this is not the same gearbox used in Honda MotoGP bikes at the moment. That's a different animal again.

    The motoGP box is very much like a conventional motorcycle gearbox, with one (expensive) difference. On a conventional gearbox, the engagement dogs lock the gear in place when there is significant torque going through it. However, the 'lock' is complete on the up-change under power, but only partial on the down-change under power. (No, I don't recommend you go and try that on your own bike because it isn't very good for it, but if you were to have half revs and half throttle in 3rd gear, (let's say), and tap your foot down, you would get a fairly sharp change into 2nd. You need a pretty firm tap. There's no reason why you'd want to do this, it would only ever happen as a mistake, but if you make that mistake it will change.)

    The motoGP box will change up between gears without a thump, without any loss of drive, without any notchy lever, and blindingly quickly. The change is so smooth it can be made with the bike on its side and sliding, and still not upset the delivery of power. For a racer, it is the duck's nuts. But there are some catches, which make it less suitable for general road work than either the DSG or a conventional gearbox. For example, up-changes at half revs and half throttle, through to full revs and full throttle are amazingly smooth. Up-changes with light throttle are not smooth, and an up-change with clutch, or no clutch, and no throttle, may be notchy, or simply may not go through. On the down-change, you leave the throttle closed and tap, and expect the engine management stuff to do its job. If you blip, it won't change.

    It will change up under power, and down on a closed throttle, but try and do things any other way and it just doesn't work. That means under racing conditions, or extreme sporting riding, it's perfect. For puddling around town and dealing with peak hour traffic, it'd be a bit of a nightmare. Not as bad as a 1930 Harley with a foot-clutch and a hand-change maybe, but close.

    I think you'll find this 'new' fireblade will come with the same gearbox it's always had. They might have added some form of traction control, which would be good.
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  13. Bugger. I was thinking it was the GP box.
    A bit strange they would try and market a sports bike at someone who hasn't even got the basics of gear changing.
    Could work as a nice speed shifter.
    But seriously gay.
  14. ?? Huh? You mean the FJR12? Who told you that was a sports bike?
  15. Thanks for the explanation, the tech is cool. Though I don't think I'd but a bike with it.

    I wonder if in the comparison if the shifts would have been smoother if he had been up shifting without the clutch.does that give a more constant power delivery or is it just faster?
  16. Ugh DSG flappy paddle crap is leaking its way into bikes.

    I really dont think the gearbox system that bikes have these days needs changing besides to make it easier for morons who cant understand a clutch. Honestly if you cant use a clutch you dont really deserve to ride a bike, or even drive a car to be honest.