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2012 cb125e 500km test?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dcbale, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. 2012 cb125e ongoing ride 2000km goin strong

    Well I can finally get to write a little about the new CB125E as I bought one 3weeks ago strait away you see the quality that Honda puts into its bikes
    Impressed I was she is a far better built bike that of her Chinese opposition
    And never hesitated to start at the stab of the button with a little choke when cold but once warmed up she really shines it has a very upright position witch makes head checks a breeze controls are very easy to use
    Gear chages are positive and even tells you witch gear you are in... Instruments comprise of speedo,gas,N,indicators,high been,gear indicator
    No TACHO? But you soon learn to live with out it as I did seating is a bit on the firm side but should soften up in time ridding the little gem was easy
    It will instill confidence very quickly good for newbie riders brakes are good
    and pull the bike up nicely and has a sure footing on most road surfaces my 500km test comprised off ridding to work every day 80km round
    Trip each day from worriyallock to scorsby Vic and a day ride from worie to
    Warburton then up to mtn doubuang then across to healsvile then home
    again around 130 km trip with a cost of $14 to fill the tank gives you about
    380 km worth of ridding.
    For most of the ridding she will do 60-70km up hill 80-90km on the flat
    Will do a ton but I recommend only in short bursts is more happy sitting on
    the 80-90 km hr speeds and I weigh in at 95kilos and since they have reduced the speed limits in the valley from 110km to 80km day trips are
    All for $2690 on the road
    Will satisfy most

  2. Sorry dude, I can't actually read that.

    Needs some punctuation and paragraphs.
  3. fark meeeeee, cheap buy of a bike but for gods sake, learn to spell!!
  4. Remember not eveyone wants a big motorcycle
  5. Really? Whats ridding a motorbike mean? lol sorry I am bored in between calls.

    By the way, congrats on your new bike :)
  6. What about some of these then?
  7. I got a headache and felt out of breath after the first 3 lines of reading this.

    Sounds like you changed from from a crappy Chinese commuter to a Honda 125e

    Should be perfect for the short commute. Enjoy.
  8. Sounds like good value at that price, but a shame if it can't make it to 100Km/h.
    My CBR125R can surpass 100Km/h, even if not by much, which does make a difference.
    Thanks for the review.

    Edit: 380Km range is pretty good, too, for a 125cc bike!
  9. Once it's properly run in it should comfortably exceed 100. Given frequent oil changes (as in twice as often as the manual states) it will even survive the experience for a while.
  10. Soon 125's for all......

    Good writeup.
  11. Did the bike stop vibrating? I find it gets really buzzy over 60 kms.

    That's a heck of a daily ride!
  12. I'd love to see some pics of the Gear indicator in action, if possible: can't see to get good view in the vids and pics I can find online.

    TBH: the only thing that has e even SLIGHTLY iffy about getting this particular bike, is the no Tacho; is the ONE thing I haven't like about my current CM250 >.<

    As far as I can see, from the specs: the 125 Engine in this has less then 2HP less then my current 250, when it's running at peak,,, which it is not, currently: I am fairly certain I'm gonna have better performance, plus definaly better peace of mind, riding something that's brand new, as opposed to 28 year old, as I am currently riding.

    Going in to apply and test ride one of these on Wednesday, hopefully, if not by end of next month; very much looking forward to the experience :D
  13. Don't worry about the lack of a tacho. Any 125 needs to be revved until the valves bounce to make it go. Knowing what it's actually doing in terms of rpm will only upset you :D.
  14. hi dude your advice is really useful it is really useful post thanks
  15. hi this is steve nice to see you again here also my dude
  16. sorry about no replys but been busy i dont have a good cam handy to post photos but for the price its a no brainer iv had lots of small bikes over the years and this is certinly the best by far 2000km and iv done its 1st service @ 790km not mutch to do realy batt is a dry cell so nothing there to do batt is small for 12volt id say lith batt just change the oil and plug adjust chain thats it realy very low maint iv added a clear screen to mine and dont look too bad plus keeps the chill of my chest since i head of at 5am every day.
    i go ridding with mates on long weekends up in the yarra vally and almost all speed limits dont go over 90km most at 80km and i find the cb125e has no problem doin it
    but i wouldnt take it on the freeways or tollways 100km is a little too mutch for it but having said that it is a good bike for what it is.
  17. Hi can i ask were did you get the screen from?