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VIC 2012 Aprilia RSV4R - Carnegie

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Quo Vadas, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. 2012 Aprilia RSV4R - Rego; 1S8CR. Vin# ZD4RKE001CS001122 . Engine # 03603

    Bike was stolen between the hours of 3.3pm Sunday 6 March and 9.00am Monday 7 March in front of a car rental place cnr Grange and Dandenong Roads, Carnegie.
    Bike was parked adjacent to service lane facing Dandenong Road and was locked and had immobiliser on.

    Distinguishing features were green and red pin striping along fairings, Graves exhaust (bike is quite loud), black levers, new Michelin Pilot Power 3 rear and DRC front, Black single rear cowl seat, Fender eliminator with small LED indicators and an American Indian guardian bell that chimes when you move the bike (yes, I get the irony with this). Pictures below of bike and note that black tank pads are not shown in one of the pics as it's an old one.
    If anyone hears of any parts floating around or has any info that may assist on the thieving, please PM me.

    I think a tracking system will be a good investment for next time. Nothing more would please me than to find c***s who steal shit and deal with them personally…………………..



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  2. Bastards! Hope you do find them and tear them a new one (or similar).

    Gotta say I don't understand why these guys steal this type of bike - high end, rarer, will be harder to move quietly. Guess I'm just not crim-minded...
  3. The only thing I can say is that at least thieves are getting more discerning.....
  4. Wtf..

    Seriously... I just hate these thieving motherf******ng scum of society
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  5. did you really think your bike would be safe parked in the street overnight in a shit suburb .
  6. Even if I'll put the bike in your garage it's still not yours.
  7. Thanks for your informative post.
    Could you please start another thread in an appropriate area to alert fellow riders and the wider community about safe areas to park your bike.
    I am being serious as you seem to know something mystical that I do not.

    Thank you.
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  8. #9 uncle greg, Mar 10, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2016
    sorry to hear mate
    fcuking ****s

    at least he didn't crash it
    ok probably undeserved
    but I do know op
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  9. Jeeze that's a good looking bike. Fingers crossed for you Mate. Good luck.
  10. That sucksballs mate. Sorry
  11. DOGS
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  12. Yes, it was a dogs act. On the look out for the bike everywhere I go now and also trawling through forums and marketplaces.

    Ps. Have yet to hear anything back from Nick gsxr750 about a list of safe, non shit suburbs.
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  13. Carnegie is a shit suburb? Plenty of people paying over a million dollar for a modest house would disagree. Hmmm, maybe they're flogging bikes to pay their mortgages...
  14. Terrible news D.
  15. Cheers guys.
    Darrenwilliam79 - I agree but it just shuts me to tears when someone comes into a forum, drops some retarded comment and then pisses off back behind their keyboard. More so, I think the comment was shit in relation to this incident still being raw with me.
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  16. That's fcuked, hope you find it mate. Such a gorgeous bike too. If you find the fcukER, chop their fingers off.......one by one.............slowly................with a rusty hacksaw
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  17. Motherfcukers.....

    Thieves are a special kind of sub-human.
    I hope the Apriliirraaaaaar rips his arsehole apart and spits him down the road.

    In front of your place. So you get a chance to offer him some assistance......
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  18. Cops just found my bike somewhere near Northcote. Dodgy fcuking heroin dealer was riding it with false plates. He must have been on some good hammer to not be riding the pants off my bike :)
    Anyway, I'll get it back and assess the damage as the ignition barrel is smashed.

    Nick gsxr750 - is Northcote or surrounding areas a shit suburb?
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  19. fcukEN Happy for you Brother :woot::woot::woot: