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2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by j-rad, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. So after an absolute horror end to 2010 which continued for most of 2012 I'm finally on the upswing and bought a Aprilia RSV4 Factory to race in the Formula Xtreme series this year! Will also be racing my Husky TE310 in a few enduro's to use as some cross training so it's a full on racing calendar this year! :) Happy as a pig in mud doesn't come close to describing how I am feeling about it all.

    My 2005 GSXR1000 was an absolute weapon but was forced to sell to race the cheaper 600 class (GSXR again of course) but found the lack of power very disapointing. Good lap times can be had and I have a few 1st place trophies to prove it, also for smaller tracks the 600 is definately easier to ride but the lure of power was too much for me to curb...

    Bike will be delivered to me on Monday, goes straight into SuspensionSmith to swap out the springs/revalve etc. She will see some action on Friday at WP to 'run' in followed by it's first race start of March. JSG are giving me some assistance to install a full Akro system and related ECU codes....


    Will post up some action shots once I'm on board and grining ! :D
  2. Watching with interest

    Glad you're back in action mate :D
  3. Look forward to the updates and pics, good luck, stay on it.
  4. Nice one. See you at Round 1 :)
  5. Sweet, will be good to see some footage later on :D
  6. Jealous! Mint bike mate.
  7. Nice bike. Can't wait to see pics of it in full race set-up. (y)
  8. Aweeeeesome!

    How much are you budgeting for the build?
  9. Might wanna see if there will be an FX this year I thought I read earlier today on RATs that TON was broke or selling up???.....
  10. might want to update your profile picture ;)
  11. nice choice :)
  12. So wait, a new $30+k rsv4 track bike o_O
    Wow! Will be hard to beat I'm sure
  13. FX is going stronger than ever. Dates are on our website :) (and the FX website obviously)
  14. Thanks! Definately see you there can't wait! In fact I'm also on the hunt for some new leathers....

    Will do, I have posted up some old vid's on the 'tube of the GSXR600 (and the Husky TE310!), have got 2 camera's so playing with forward/rearward views....

    No real budget, it costs what it costs ;) Fairings should be here tomorrow, woodcraft engine sliders on the way, full Akro exhaust/ECU ordered and on the way so not long to go!

    Yep....sorry but your point is?

    Besides your figures are a little off....it is my race bike but I guess you're right technically it's for the track and these things are race bikes anyway...complete and total waste to use one on the streets INMHO...

    But anyhow bike, less racing discount from Aprilia (upon confirmation of race CV), less sale of my current race bike (sold in 30mins without an advert!) means it'll cost me just over 20K....not a whole heap for that level of bike considering your R1 'with mods' would be about the same new.....

    Loving life right now!
  15. Wow that's gonna be awesome! Pics plz :D

    I aggree that's what superbikes are made for (especially the exotic ones). Commuting and taking them to cafes is the real crime.
  16. [​IMG]

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  17. Congratz J-rad. Good luck mate!
  18. Great choice of bike! Looks like everyone will be chasing them in WSBK this year. Any more info about yourself, your race number, etc.. Keen to follow your progress mate.
  19. Good luck j-rad, and nice wheels mate.

  20. Wow wow, wasn't having a go champ, I was admiring your commitment to your choice of track weapon. I mean it's a perfect choice since very little would have to be done to get it track ready, it's just that it is a good amount of $ to invest into something that can't be insured.
    And trust me, 'my' R1 doesn't come close to your figure. New....$14-15k maybe, but no brembo's, ohlins, or marchesini's ;)
    Good choice definitely. Hope you're having fun