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2012 Aprilia RS4 125

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  1. Arguably the best looking modern LAMS sport bike - just a shame that its only 125cc!
  2. Jesus your bike is cool!
  3. Not with a Malossi kit in it, it isn't.

    I assume, tho, that it is a four stoke, which is the real shame..... ;)
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  4. Thanks guys, I was keen to start off with a Ducati but felt I should walk before I run. As it is I'm now in love with the marque so much so that an RSV4 is set to make an appearance in my garage. Yes, its a four stroke and struggles to get over 100kph, max speed reached on the track is 119kph. The exhaust though makes it sound like a much larger engine and I consistantly get approvign comments and amazement when I point out the engine capacity. The extra 50cc kit will be installed this Anzac weekend which will hopeful give it a teeny bit more umph, so I won't find myself redlining it so much on the road in the lower gears. Previous owner had a dyno run prior to blue printing, resulting in just over 13hp. He claimed the blue print, FI calibration and exhaust gave it 16hp, but I have no evidence of that. I'll keep you updated on the big bore upgrade and I'll get a dyno run done for comparison. Hopefully I'm not wasting my time and money here, as it is, it such a fun bike to ride.
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  5. One last point, I will eventually get a pic up of the actual bike, current photo is just a stock item off the web. Anyhow, updates to come....
  6. I think that here in Oz we get some of the more "exotic" bikes originally intended for the UK, where they have some legal limit of 13 hp for 125 bikes......something to do with learners, dunno the details.

    I didn't know Malossi did a big bore kit for the 4 strokes, so I'll be interested in hearing how it all goes.

    I know their stuff works well on my two-stroke Gilera scooter. :)

    An increase of 50 cc on a starting number of 125 cc is actually quite a decent percentage, so it should be VERY noticeable...... good luck with it.
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  7. I'd love the 2-stroke version of that.
  8. I'd love to be able to fit on and ride either 2 or 4 stroke.

    The time I test rode the smoker, I had to be pretty well lifted off the bike I was so cramped up.
  9. I orignal had a list with a few 2 stoke Aprilia and even a Cagiva. Wasn't overly keen on teh sound of the smaller 2 strokes and had a fair idea that the newer 4 stroke would be very mild in exhaust note. My bike was the first on my inspection list, the owener started her up and in my head I was just saying "here just take my money!". Anyhow I held off buying the very first bike I saw, but I eventually came back and virtually got it for a steal. Yes they are absolutely a very sexy little LAMS bike and yet retaining that full size feel and look, but you pay a little bit of a premium for it. The older 2 strokes are better priced, but as I mentioned, the exhaust note just doesn't float my boat, along with a cylinder rebuild ever 10-20K.
  10. "Even a Cagiva", how terribly broad minded of you! :)

    I got the Cagiva Raptor 125, 'cos I couldn't fit on the Aprilia RS or the Mito.

    It was a 13 hp limited model, but an Arrows expansion chamber and wee muffler, and a change of main jet, soon got it back to its real performance. ;)

    The wee bikes allow you to ride them quite ...err... shall we say, seriously,,,,, without you getting into too much trouble with the authorities.
  11. Yeah, I'm keen to see what the Dyno run has to say about the % increase?
  12. Fantastic looking bike I'm thinking of going for a bigger version when unrestricted I hope it looks as good
  13. LJ, yes I too had my eye on the 659 Monster, they sound beastly but I thought better of it for the sake of self preservation. The hidden hoon within me doesn't mind a little squirt every now and then so i thought I'd start off small and do a few riding courses to up skill before I went too big.
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  14. Well, as a rough approximation....... if 125 cc gives you say 15 hp, that equates to 25cc giving 3 hp, so adding 50 cc should gain 6 more horses.

    Another good thing about wee machines is that, if you start with a small number of horses, any increase is more noticeable.

    When I started fiddling with my Honda Z50, I ended up having over four times the original horse power, but, unlike your bike, I then had to do lots to try and handle the extra power.

    Your Aprilia already has top quality brakes suspension and steering to handle any extra power that you might add.
  15. #17 CaffeineMonster, Apr 21, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2016
    I was worried the monster might be going too big too early, 6 months in and it is already too small!
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  17. Aye, Darren, but, otoh, cool jesus will be able to afford to ride his 4 stroke bike as often as he likes.

    The petrol consumption of my two stroke 125 is worse than that of my wife's car........ (but it is a LOT more fun.)
  18. Seems to be a recurring theme with other riders I speak with, always looking for something bigger....