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2012 Aprilia RS4 125 v 2013 Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pgardiye, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Hello everyone :) , I'm new here and also new to biking. I'm in the process of getting my leaner license and have booked in for pre-learner course towards end of this month.

    I have been reading a little on learner approved motorcycles and have drilled down these 2 as my preference. If you guys can give some feedback on pros/cons of these 2 would be great, would be so good to get some real feedback if you are riding or have ridden one of them though. I'm leaning towards Hyosung GT250R because most riders tend to go for a little big engine.

    I'm planning to keep the bike for a year or may be even longer who knows :) depends I might keep it forever.

    Thanks guys,
  2. If your thinking of the hyosung gt250 I would recommend u take the 650r for a ride as its not that much bigger but more powerful
  3. 5 4 3 2 1 ......
  4. One is a motorcycle and one is not.......

    Ok cheap shot out of the way, think about what sort of riding you are going to be doing which bike will suit that best?

    What size and weight are you? What will that do to the bikes performance? IE if you are 60kg in all the gear no issue, if you are 6 foot 5 and weigh 120 kg then it is an issue.

    By all accounts the little Ape is a ripper but you have to ride her not cruise her.

    Some more info about you and what you plan on doing will help us give you better answers/opinions.

    Lastly buy the one you want it's your bike not ours!

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Are you thinking of the RS125? The RS4 is a 4 strokes, pretty weak IMO.
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  6. i like the rs4.... but id go the hyo, and id look into the 650 if you weight more than 70kg.
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  7. The Hyosung 650 and 250 are the same size bike. Go the 650.
  8. Or go out on a limb and get the KTM 390
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  9. Hey Jeremy,

    Sorry for the late reply. Ok I'm 5' 10" and around 72kg :)... not that big. I'm looking for a decent road bike for me to get from home to work. Going to start a new job in new year and only 10 minutes away from where I live.

    something looks good as well :) and have enough power if I decide to go say from Sydney to wollongong...

  10. Yeah RS4, i think engine size is pretty low :( some scooters have bigger engine than this bike :(

  11. Yeh I like RS4 looks too, but seems that engine size is bit too small :(... have you had any experience riding a hyo:? how is handling and stuff?
  12. hmm 650 is a little dearer than 250... if I'm buying a second hand what would be the average kms i should be looking at?

  13. not bad, but little expensive :(

  14. what about Honda CBR250R? would that be a better choice compared to Hyo?
  15. Agree that the KTM Duke 390 would be a good thing, but I'm not sure they're in the shops yet.
  16. Possibly not. That is a 250 single and is not particularly refined.
    I suspect that later model Hyosungs (with fuel injected motors) are probably OK.
    The Hyosung 250/650 road bikes are a more substantial bike than the current Honda CB250R.
  17. I can't see any modern bike being worn out by a learner during the restriction period.
    Under 20,000 km you'd be unlikely to have any worries, over that, maybe get a bike mechanic to give it an inspection (if buying privately). The 650 will be less stressed for the most part, it's quite a powerful engine for a LAMS bike so doesn't need to be wrung out to make decent progress. I haven't ridden one of the Hyo 250 bikes so I'm not sure what they're like in terms of power.
  18. My wife rides an RS4. it is a great little bike. You have to ride it though, using all the revs which IMO is half the fun on this little screamer. My wife weighs 50kg and i weigh 110kg. I took it for a few rides when she bought it and had no problem keeping highway speeds.
    The handling is amazing and the bike also looks the goods. I have never ridden a hyo but i dont think id be confident wringing one out through the twisties. The RS4 on the other hand is nothing but confidence inspiring, throwing it around corners at ~9k-10k rpm which is where you want to be with your learner bike before stepping up.
    We paid $5990.00 on the road but yesterday, walking past aprilia city (melbourne) they now have it at $4990.00
    No brainer if you ask me.
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    ridden hyos... its not my rsv4, but they're not that bad and the extra torque should make a much more enjoyable ride than the 125... i really dont know what aprilia were thinking not making it a 250....

    notwithstanding the fun of thrashing it through the twisties where the prilia would win,... on a daily basis i think the hyo would be more forgiving on gear changes and traffic lights and having to accellerate to get gaps or avoid cars...