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2012 Aprila rs125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sioux, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    brand new rider here.
    Just bought 2012 Aprila rs 125 with little over 5000 km's and arrow exhaust fitted, and was hoping to get some advice/opinions from other RS125 owners.
    1. I am wondering if its normal that most of the time I have to use choke to start the bike even in SEQ climate? I would have thought choke wouldn't even come into play until 10 ˚C and under temperatures.
    2. What would be the recommended rev's for cornering and such? Its been a long time since I last rode so definitely not looking to race but don't want to strangle it with low rev's either and at the same time want to have enough power to pull me out of a curve.
    3. Any good workshop suggestions on Brisbane Southside?
    It's probably worth mentioning I bought the bike at an auction, so never got a chance to speak to the previous owner...but bike did come with a log book which is missing 4000 km's service log so I took it to Aprilia dealer for 4000 km's service today and based on recommendations in other netrider threads I'll be changing to Motul 710 2T mixture oil.
    Was a little confused at service with workshop mechanic saying 10W-40 oil is better than 75-90 recommended in the workshop manual (something about 10-40 being better for wet clutch and better suited to our climate).

    Any other advice or suggestions from RS owners are most appreciated. Looks like a fun little bike and I'd love to take it for a ride with Brisbane based crowd and perhaps meet some RS125 owners around here.
    Thanks in advance everyone.