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2012 and upcoming models

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Deadsy, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. I thought we could use a thread for info and pics on upcoming bikes.

    I'll start with the 2012 Ducati superbike:




    It's just a spy shot, but I like the silhouette of the bike. It looks very compact like the RSV4.

  2. Sweet - i like the red tape, hope its not an extra cost. ;)
  3. Yeah, knowing ducati its a $799 option
  4. They don't give you instructions or suggestions for the best tape layout, either - you have to tape by feel.
  5. [​IMG]
    the honda nsf250r, for the new moto3 gp class (250cc 4 stroke single cylinder) lets hope this brings back the race replicas of the 80's/90's and we get some great fun new lams bikes.... plus ktm is sure to enter in with the jap bikes:p
  6. I saw this on another forum. 82kgs and only 24 euros for a sweet trackie.

    The mudguard on the duc is getting silly and how does that rear suspension work
  7. I've got some red electrical tape in the boot of my bike... I might have to copy that look! It's awesome!
  8. I was disappointed on opening this thread. I thought it would have been more along the lines of what happens when you type this title into Google Images.



    According to Googe, this Jessica Perez chick is an up and coming model...
  9. wonder how the moto3 250 will affect the 450gp obviously the 450's are quicker but the price difference may be a bit much....... wahooo just realised the new cbr uses the 250 single.......... that means theres a good chance for an cbr250rr based off the new racer
  10. I'd rather ride stokedpaz's model instead of the Duc
  11. thats a buell?
    always liked the toughness of buell's looks.
    but this looks a bit too generic superbike, sweet love the headlights but plenty of others that look almost the same. not what i expected from buell, still id love one:p
  12. I thought it was a honda till I spotted the front disc... a combination of generic sport bike design and me not wearing my glasses I think 8-[
  13. Honda Rvf1000r Superbike. Looks good.
  14. Pretty disappointing hey. I like the wheel spokes though.

    and being a honda, it will only be $80'000. Sweeeeeeeet.
  15. Maybe both! :D

    ..and an option to upgrade every 2 years! Or maybe annual uprades.
  16. Suzuki has a new V-Strom that's supposed to be changed a good bit. Details are scarce, but most speculation is around the 650 motor based on the Gladius version, and possibly the frame, and either tweaked or punched out to bigger capacity - "Middle Class" is what the company is calling it, so 650 to 800 would make sense. If it's light and gets some more grunt, along with better looks, brakes and suspension, it could be a good thing. A new SV750-800 would be a great bike too.

    It's supposed to be officially revealed this weekend, but nothing so far.
  17. I like the way you think!
  18. Interesting reaction to the Buell so far. Do you dislike it because of the design or because it looks too much like a "typical" superbike?
  19. I like the Buell - workmate rides a XR12 and I can see the similarity, especially in the frame and (obviously) the front rotors.
    I think it'd look better with the exhaust system from the XR though...