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2012/2013 Ducati 659 Tail Tidy {moved from General}

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sheriff1969, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. I've fitted one to mine. Instructions that come with the item are hopeless.

    There is a youtube video on fitting which is very good and also search the Ducati Monster Forums for detailed fitting instructions.

    A bit tricky but no real problems.
  2. Many thanx Rob H!!!
  3. Thanx again Rob H for the link.

    Read through it, there's a bit involved! It would appear that things can go wrong if not fitted properly, for example the engine warning light staying on & the placement of the wiring harness.

    Although a cheaper option than buying a Ducati Tail Tidy I'll be having second thoughts on whether I buy this one or a Ducati one...
  4. Your call of course but it's really not all that difficult. The engine warning light issue only applies to models with the exhaust flapper so won't affect your 659. Only really tricky bit that I found was coiling the seat locking mechanism cable into the allotted space.
  5. Oh! So the exhaust flapper isn't fitted to the 659? Is that what your saying?

    In relation to the seat locking mechanism cable I take it that you just need to put it back into it's original position? Is this achieveable with the aftermarket tail tidy or is it a P.I.T.A?

    Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.
  6. No exhaust flapper on 659.

    The tricky part with the seat locking cable is that you have a smaller space to fit it into. I coiled it up and tied it together with a cable tie but ensure that you check the mechanism before you reinstall it i.e turn the key to see if it works.
  7. Got my 2013 Duke 659 ABS from City Ducati here in Melbourne last Saturday (02MAR13) and purchased the rear tail tidy at the same time. They gave me a good price, at least I'll now know it will be fitted and function properly.

    Thanks to everyone who put in their views and comments.
  8. Sheriff - Make sure you tell them you want to KEEP the old tail for RWC when you eventually sell it. My bro had the tail tidy done by them and when he sold it took it back to them for the RWC. Got the "oh mate that's not roadworthy, you have to buy the stock tail off us for $350 and then we'll give you the cert." I love that place and they service my Duke, but don't let them keep your stock parts they take off.
  9. Now thats a bit cheeky! :sneaky:


    Thanx very much for the info AcidTrip. I will be definitely telling them that I'll be taking the original tail home.

    Cheers (y)
  10. You're more than welcome. You'll love the 659, very beautiful machine. I rode my brother's for a bit and borrowed a 696 last week and I can say there's not too much difference in them until you get up the rev range. Very quick and well-rounded for a learner bike. I'm looking for a 696 to buy now :)
  11. That is also likely illegal. But if you only sit at the cafe you should be ok.
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