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2012/13 Er6n/ninja 650 De-restriction

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Lugo, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. #1 Lugo, Nov 24, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2012
    Hey guys/gals,

    Wondering if any of you have any insight on how to remove the restrictor screw on a 2012/13 model ER6N/Ninja 650? I'm aware of processes for the 2011 and older models, but cannot find anything on the newest design with the twin tube frame blocking easy access.

    I've tried making my own tool of sorts from a 1/4" spanner and torx socket, which kind've gets into the right place, but it seems the centre pin on the screw was bent when the bike was built, and as such I cannot even get the screwdriver into the screw. What I really need is direct access straight on, but I have no clue on how to do that outside of dropping the entire engine.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    PLEASE NOTE: I'm not at all interested on each individuals opinion on whether you should/can/would remove the restrictor or not, legalities etc etc, I'm only looking for information from people who actually have an idea on how to do it.
  2. Have you managed to de-restrict it? if so, how?
    I am keen on doing so as well, but haven't yet gotten around to looking at it.
  3. Can you get a Dremel cutting disc into it? If so, cut a slot across it & try a flat head bit.
  4. A work mate has done one, and apparently it was a real pain. I think he had to remove seat, tank and airbox to get access to it, but with the little pin bent in your tamper proof torx screw, you may also have to remove the throttle bodies so you can drill out the pin. It may seem like a pain but believe me, all that extra power is worth it.
  5. Have you got a quote from a dealer to do it? It might be cheap enough that you just pay them, rather than having to tool up to do one.
  6. Can confirm...

    You have to remove the seat, fuel tank and airbox to gain access to the security screw (hex type), then simply remove it. Place everything back in reverse order, remove the looped (black& yellow) wire under the pillion seat, place the seat back on and your good to go, shouldn't take more than an hour.

    Matt :)
  7. Yeah I have worked through the procedure now. Ended up getting a mates mechanic to help out. You do indeed need to remove the fueltank and airbox as mentioned by rb25kid. It's a pain to get to, but it's worth doing.
  8. Is it worth putting it all back for resale?
  9. thanks, - sounds like a sunday workshop!

  10. Hey I'am new to this forum too I saw your post by searching how to remove the restrictor, I went ahead and removed my tank and air box and didn't see a screw on the throttle body. I have a couple of pics to show for the 2012/13 ninja 650 er6n model. I got stuck on trying to figure out the screw situation but it seems like it is a tab now but also the throttle body that holds the throttle cables has an arm like on the back that stops it as well. not sure if all are the same or if I missed something. As for the (yellow and black) wires that loop it is a bit different from the 11 models. I have pictures to show what I mean. Please keep advised it was my first time attempting this and it is my first bike too. I'am new to the bike seen so all of this is relatively new although I have 15k miles of riding experience mechanics is always difficult to mess with, don't want a malfunction to happen while ridding.

    2013 Ninja 650 ER6N

    1. tank removed

    2. throtle body front tab half way throttle , I cut that tab off with a saw so it wont hit but the back side of the throttle had an arm like tab as well didnt want to mess with it because when it returns to closed throttle position it has an idler. NOT sure what to do from there thats where I am stuck. If anyone knows what to do that would be great.

    3. throttle body front tab touching full throttle position, hard to tell in this pic thought I had a better one. I will have to re-do the process.
    4. Here is the plug under the rear seat. yellow and black as stated before in the 2011 models.

    5. Removed the loop this one was internal. when I did this I reinstalled everything to start it up and noticed that my rear lights wouldnt light up. I turned it off reinstalled the metal clip loop and they worked again so not sure if I can leave that off for street use.