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2011 zx10r

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Snowman, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. 2011 ZX10R for sale, I really dont want to sell it but I have had to buy a car and cant afford both at the moment

    - a bit over 8000ks on the clock
    - Akra exhaust with link pipe
    - rear seat cowl
    - R&G cash knobs
    - R&G fender eliminator
    - R&G swingarm spools
    - Ebay red fully adjustable levers
    - 12V power with USB adapter to dash for phone/GPS
    - BT-016 tires have not even 1000ks on them
    - Still has 17 months warranty
    - 6 months rego
    - Comes with all original gear, exhaust, levers etc..

    My asking price is $17,000 but I am prepared to move on this, especially if it goes to a netrider.

    will throw up some pics when it stops raining and I get a chance to wash it

    Thanks guys :nopity:
  2. 8000kms - you ride a lot
  3. Still not as much as I'd like lol. Hows your incident coming along Tak? feel like a switch to a superior Kawasaki? :p
  4. would rather push my Yamaha :)

    had a friend looking at one of these kwakas will let him know
  5. Thanks man, I appreciate it.
    Im looking at an 05 - 06 R1 when I sort out my finances, always had a soft spot for them lol
  6. dropped to 17k$, 18k$ was a bit high lol
  7. Got a payrise! keeping it! woo!! :D
  8. great news :)

    enjoy it thoroughly now you have no pressure to sell
  9. my bike has over 10,000 kms and I have only had it for like 5 months lol
  10. nice one, snowman!
  11. Good man!! That is super lucky!
  12. At the request of the OP, this thread is now closed.
    Nice choice keeping the bike, dude (y)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.