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2011 ZX-10R first ride update - 'a formidable weapon'

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kermie, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Here's a review by Kevin from Ash on Bikes ....

    Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja 2011 review | Ash On Bikes

    ... I love Ash's reviews, he basically made me decide to get the s1000rr in the first place when i was originally waiting for the new MV F4, and eyeing off the 1198S. Basically looks like the Kawa is the first jap bike to join the RSV4 and s1000rr generation ... not quite surpassed it yet, but at least there's choice now and hopefully yamaha/honda/suzuki will get there bottom into gear ....
  3. I'm hoping some of this filters down to the supersports as well. I was kind of sad that BMW didn't do a similarly kitted out S600RR to go with the 1000.

    I'm not really in the market for either but the 600s always seemed more my style than the litrebikes.
  4. Typical shallow MCN reporting. I'll wait till a REAL test, thanks. Morons couldn't even spell the name of the circuit properly.
  5. RSV4 got buggered by the bore limit in World Superbike, it was a lot lower than current when the engine was being designed, and one of the big benefits of having a V4 engine is that you can increase bore size (generally increasing power) without dramatically increasing engine width.

    BMW's S600RR was a patented entity, but they have decided to drop it... stating development costs would be very similar to the S1000RR, yet it would have to be sold significantly cheaper.

    I'm still waiting to see what happens with the next generation, as Honda and Kawasaki have both patented true variable valve technology. Bloody interesting stuff.

    - boingk
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  7. Gota say the 2011 zx10r looks absolutely awesome, sounds fuc'n great.
    cant wait til see it at the show. wonder wat yamaha have got
  8. Lovely vid. It really does look the biz, hideous exhaust aside. Love the way the tach looks on the video too.

    That vid reminds me though, I need to get my arse to the superbike school. If I even thought about lean angles like that I'd crash. :p

    Edit: Kinda makes you wonder what's planned for the next ZZR1400 given this thing has damn near the same power and enough torque to offset the differences in weight.
  9. Sounds like @paul is a true believer of this new superbike.
    Video of Tom Sykes on a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R – Losail, Qatar
  10. .. and this ...

    Generally v positive. He does say it seems to lack a little against the s1000rr, in the 8~11 sort of range. Peak power is @ 13, and when you go all the way up, there's nothing in it, but the K is a very peaky motor and if you let it drop much below 9, most other litre bikes are faster.

    Some people also seem to be having an issue cracking the throttle gently mid corner. Others don't. The traction control gets a big big rap from most reports.
  11. ... There also seems to be some frustration out there on the internet, about two issues.

    1. Either the new bikes have some sort of limiter in them that gets switched off by the dealer at first service, running in issue, or the US model has been significantly neutered.

    2. Discussion of this, especially by people who are by any stretch of the imagination 'journalists' is being smacked down very hard by kawasaki PR guys and legal letters are flying thick and fast. Some time ago, (4years, ish) a company called verticalscope started buying up websites that report on and allow discussion on powersports. I'll cut & paste in the most succinct summary I can find... it's a lot of web sites.

    To try and explain, there are a couple of clips on youtube and places, that proport to be 'ordinary guys who have a new bike showing how cool it is, and all independent.' I actually posted a link to one of them. Seems these are anything BUT independent, because they're all hosted at these verticalscope sites, and anybody who gets REAL independent footage up there, is getting big heavy handed threats to take it down or find themselves in court.

    In short, kawasaki's PR efforts in the leadup to release for this thing, are making them ENEMIES. There are some very pissed off people out there.

    here's the cut n paste
  12. Whoopsie - meant to post this one before - thought I had, turned out to be the donkey pic.
  13. Oh Finally! I swear these guys type with their nose on the keyboard.

    More gush.

    I want to see some dyno graphs, of existing sports bikes like the honda and the yam, and the gen3 and the gen4. Some people are saying it lacks mid range, and some are saying it's been tuned for midrange and manageable power. Ok, I understand, but I want to see torque curves, from the same dyno on the same day.

    I did notice when watching a bmw s1000rr being raced by a C or D grader, that it seemed very inconsistent getting off the last corner onto the front straight. (This was some months ago.) The impression I got was that if he got off the corner about right, he was in the band as it picked up, and the thing was a rocket - but often as not, he rushed into the corner a bit, and carried less speed off the apex, so when he picked it up ... nothing ... nothing ... power! That one detail made a difference of about 2 sec / lap.

    How that relates to the Kawa, I don't know. That's what I want to find out. That's why I want to see the torque curves. I get the feeling that on both the boomer and kawa, getting your final drive ratio right would be more critical than on say, a cbr1000rr. I hope the kawa has enough chain clearance to go down 3 or 4 teeth at the front without fouling the sw-arm. Everyone says it's geared very high, and it has a high 1st and 2nd.
  14. http://www.motorcycle.com/manufactur...view-90157.htm
    The discussion of the traction control, and what it does, is quite interesting.

    One gets the feeling it might work a lot better on a track, or a loop of road, than on a random stretch of swervery. Or I could be misunderstanding what he's saying ...

    (comment about Australia being a small market.)

    Look on the bright side. (nice place, I'm told.) We do usually get the least restricted, or nearly so, bikes they have to sell - along with seth efrica. I hope that's what happen with this one.

    I'm curious about the limiting on the US bikes. I wonder whether that's so they don't have to make a Californicating model for the EPA, and a skankie model for the riff-raff, or whether their lawyers are having coniptions about product liability litigation from the surviving relatives.

    I wonder what effect it would have on things if KHI admitted freely that they couldn't sell their top sports bike in the US without dumbing it down - not so much because ALL americans are idiots, but because some of them are, and like to take each other to court over ingrown toenails.
  15. Thanks for posting up the Verticalscope info. They pretty much own every big bike forum out there...
  16. [​IMG]


  17. If there is an electronic limiter I'd imagine Kawasaki would be damn sure it was in the off position for any journalist.

    Sounds like the race ECU would be a bit of kit worth getting a hold of once you grew tired of your warranty.