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2011 Z1000 Photos. Warning, large pics.

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by BennyV, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys. I've just joined Netrider so I thought I'd throw up a selection of the photos I've taken of my bike and others.

    I'm still learning my photography craft, but I've got good gear so I don't really have any excuses for crap photos other than myself.

    I'm using a Canon Eos 550d w/18-55mm EFS II IS and 55-250mm EFS II IS Kit lenses.

    Always keen to hear any constructive criticism and tips for improving.




    The full collection is Here @ Picasa
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  2. Great shots!
    Specially the night ones of the Big Z, love the looks of that bike!
    I only got my "baby" Z750 two weeks ago and can't get the grin out of my face :D
  3. This looks sick

  4. Rode this model last year, it could easily be my next ride. The induction roar is wicked
  5. great shots mate! ps buy some boots
  6. wow for someone still learning those were amazing........................wallpaper worthy.
  7. All good now, please limit your pics to 5 per post.
  8. The pics on the 250r's weren't of me and yeah. We gave him crap for not having boots. The Zed is mine and yes, I love it to bits. Such a great bike.
  9. the black bike in the white space pic is very good
  10. I really liked that pic too. If definitely made the PS "Play with" list

  11. great pics- this bike looks great in black...
    thinking about taking a few happy snaps soon myself, so you've given me some great ideas- thanks...
    i'm pretty sure i've got little or no clue what i'm talking about, but if i was to offer some criticism i would say watch the horizon lines, and maybe photoshop out that yellow barrel in the carpark pic, imo it kind of draws the eye in...
  12. I'll definitely have a crack at that. I honestly never noticed the yellow in the background there, but now you've pointed it out, it stands out like a dog's proverbials.

    Back to PS for me.
  13. maybe just knock the yellow out...
    i'm not too keen on the blur on #11, focus in the original pic is just right to me...
  14. really nice set. is that middle bike the ninja 1000? looks pretty nice.
    Only thing i would do to the pic in the car park is get a bit more contrast in the blacks other than that excellent picture.
  15. My reply seems to have gone missing. Perhaps I shouldn't have attached a pic??

    Anyway - Hello Benny. Nice to see another Brisbane rider with a new black Kawasaki.

    No pic this time.

    [edit] No - wait a minute - there's two of this thread. ... ok - I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  16. Yes, that's my brother's Ninja 1000.

    As far as more contrast, I need to play around with it some more in photoshop to really sort it out. Obviously to get the background that white the photo is overexposed a fair bit. 55mm FL, F/4, 100 ISO, 1.3 Sec Exposure +2 Stops. Should be able to get a bit out messing with curves though.
  17. cool. photoshop lightroom is pretty good program for adjustments like that :)
  18. Love the big Z. Had a sit on one over the weekend and it's an angry looking bike.
  19. Go for an angry ride on one. I swear mine's been plotting to kill me ever since I got it. Awesome piece of machinery.