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2011 Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spottedninja, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have just gotten off of my restrictions and i have the oppotunity to buy a 2011 R1 for 17000 Brand new. Is this a good deal?

  2. if its ride away no more to pay it is
  3. Yeah 17k for ride away would be awesome
  4. It is Ride away no more to pay.

    I test rode the R6 and i was surprise at how lethargic it was down low. Will the R1 be similar?
  5. Did you research them at all?

    I've never ridden one but every review I've ever read says they are all about the top end, and need to be revved to get moving.
  6. Yes i have researched them. I was under the impression that the 1000cc bikes had a lot more grunt down low.
  7. Whats the point of a road bike in alice springs?
  8. There are roads here?
  9. arnt they all dead straight or made of dirt? as far as i know there are not that many twisty mountain roads in the middle of australia. You would be better off with something like a Bking or a hayabusa etc that is designed for flat out speed and stopping, rather then cornering.
  10. There are some decent roads here. Not as many as on the coast but shit happens. After riding the r6 i am set on an sports bike
  11. Ride a few others mate, I test rode a big bang R1 and just didn't gel with it. To me it was big and heavy and seamed to have no real advantage over a conventional inline 4. Sounded ****ing horn though!
  12. Lol R1's are desinged for cornering? :rolleyes:
  13. I normally see heaps of R1s on there side at broadford
  14. What do you ride?
  15. I thought when it came to litre bikes it was down to aesthetics. Because you cannot take any of them to their limits on the road? THe numbers seem to be so close is it that important?
  16. Yeah thats about it, buy the one that you like the look of and fit. The R1 is better for taller riders with the GSXR not so much.

    Logic would tell me not to get a r1 if you lived in Alice Springs but bikes and logic never mix.
  17. I agree with you completely my father cannot see the logic in the decision no matter how many times i tell him it isnt a logical choice. It is an emotional decision.

    But back to my main point, is $17,000 inclusive of onroad costs a good price for an R1. It also comes with a free carbon fibre exhaust. Apparantly some sort of promotion?
  18. I think thats generally good value, though I would expect that they are trying to get rid of them as the 2012 has TCS which makes the 2011 less desirable.

    Maybe tell them that you might wait to the 2012 model and see if they come down?
  19. I do not think they will get any 2012 models in until this one has sold. I have been doing some reading and a lot of people seem to be saying that R1's are fat and dont have much power? is there any truth to that. WHat are they comparing them with?
  20. R1's are great bikes and can be ridden wherever you choose to take it spottedninja.
    Nick Sanders, one of the world's most experienced adventure riders has ridden around the globe 3 times...one of those was on an R1 !
    I took mine very recently to Sydney-Port Macquarie-Taree-Armidale-Coffs Harbour-Sydney and back to Melbourne (all up ~ 4,000km) and not once did I ache due to sore back, knee joints, inner thigh/groin pain etc.
    If you wanted an R1, whether 'logically' (love that :D) or emotionally (the way most of us go about our biking passions/desires) then you got it ! And 17k ride away for a 2011 model, with Carbon fibre aftermarket cans (brand ?) sounds like a great deal !
    Enjoy it and stay safe and well mate.
    I lived in Alice Springs for ~3yrs (total of 6 all over NT). For our not-so-learned friends, there are some nice roads out there...yes..even for an R1