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2011 vs 2009 zx10r vs busa

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kermie, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Mods:

    2011: Leo Vince Slip on, Removed restrictions, PC3, 192-193mph gearing, VP Fuel, Lowered 2.75" front and rear

    2009: Akro Exhaust, PC3, +1 front -1 rear sprockets, head work, misc mods???

    Busa: Head and Cams, Full system, tuned, other misc mods.

    200mph run for fun.

  2. so which bike was which?
  3. The one always in front is the 2011 zx10r.
  4. The sound as they passed the camera makes up for the straight line riding - screaming...
    Can someone please explain why the camera-bike had a sock on the master cylinder?
  5. I thought the dash on the ZX's were white. One in the vid must have been the Busa which was coming last :)
  6. Old racers trick to soak up brake fluid that may have sloshed past the vent from getting on the bike.

  7. heaps of bikes have them, its a bling product to hide the uglyness of the cylinder
  8. Bloody hell that's fast, 320[ish]km/h? Sounds awesome as they go past.
  9. CBR1100XX on the Autobahn, Half a tank of fuel in four minutes,