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2011 VFR800 Exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Bradwa, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I bought my new VFR800 in September last year and have already done 8600km on it. I commute every day and am looking at putting a Staintune system on it, and also considering the Staintune SFI fuel module to go with it.

    I have been quoted $1800 to have them both fitted.

    A lot of people tell me I should put a pipe on my bike, some have told me to spend the money on leathers and a helmet for my wife so I can take her touring or out for the day.

    Q1. Is the added noise of a Staintune going to be safer so people can hear me or more annoying for myself as I commute every day?

    Q2. Do I need a new fuel module added if I decide to go with the pipe?

    Q3. Is the price Ive been quoted reasonable? (I want the dealer to fit the system as the bike is new and they will cover any warranty issues that may arise from not having a factory system on the bike.)

    Q4. Should I save the money and buy my wife some gear?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Loud pipes save lives, if i had an exhaust on my bike i would feel so confident i probably would just ride around in shorts and a singlet. But i dont, so i had to fork out for leathers, its really your choice, i choose leathers because my neighbors would crack the shitties if i had a loud pipe.
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  3. 1. Its certainly louder and going to make you easier to hear, but most people in their window closed cocoon with music blaring may or may not hear it anyway. People behind you will certainly hear you better.

    2. Dont really need it, staintune insist they dont need work on the bikes after adding the pipes. I will be with mine - a power commander anyway - (put staintunes on about a week ago) because i also want to run a k&n filter.

    3. Seems a bit over the top. I paid 1300 for my pipes delivered (also two of them). Fit them yourself theres nothing to it.

    4. Wife has to understand theres still only two important people your life, and as always you come first. If that means loud pipes on the bike tough bikkies :p.
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  4. You ride a Viffer and you're worried about after-market cans annoying you??? Have you ever heard a Viffer with after-market cans? The annoying part isn't the noise, it's removing the stains from the front of your undies every time you hear the sound the way it was supposed to be heard! :demon:

    The only reason why my Staintune can has the baffle in is to make sure Plod doesn't say "that sounds so wonderful that I want my mate down at the EPA to hear it!" :cheeky:
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  5. I had Leo Vice carbons on mine. Cost about 1600 all up. Was pure horn listening to to the bike. Came with inserts that you could remove. Staintunes are nice but everyone got them.
    Just search you tube for VFR exhausts and you'll find heaps.

    Good luck,
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  6. Don't bother with the PC if it's Staintunes.
    The cans are for noise only really and keep the snorkel in the air box or it will splutter a bit.
    I got Leo carbons for AUS$740 on my door from morepowerracing.com It took about a month to get them.
    I did go the PC ,K&N dyno route. 6 freeken hp over it's first run std. The poweris much broader now though and that's the way it was tuned. I use to like that Vtech hit. Now it's more a noise than any extra jump in the rate of progress.
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  7. Thanks Danny,
    The reason I bought a VFR was because I love the sound. They are awesome.
    I have considered the Mr Plod issue. I need my bike to get me to work, cant afford to have it off the road because of any EPA. Staintune pipe is looking good.
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  8. Thanks Cam, the first VFR I test rode had Leo Vince pipes, it looked great and agreed was pure horn to listen to. Agreed again that everyone has Staintunes, and I dont think they look as good as the Leo Vince Pipes. I'm only concerned about getting a defect notice, as I need my bike as a daily commuter and don't want the hassle that may be involved.
  9. Hey Brett, Thanks for the advice. Do you get much more economy with your mods? I guess you ride the bike harder when it sounds hot and has that extra power, so probably not.
  10. TBH I hardly ever ride it lol.
    The best gain from A/M pipes is the weight loss. There has to be 5kg at least form my old to the new carbon Leo's. And you do feel this when your out on your own. While I guess feeling no lighter it does change direction and settle better.
    I like the sound of the Staintunes best of any. But I like the look of my carbons.
    They are a great bike. But once you start modding them they can suck up $$$ for not much gain. The suspension sucks. The motor is not the quickest these days.
    But as a package off the shelf they are brilliantly balanced and easy to ride.
    If you want more pick up a two tooth bigger rear sprocket makes great gains
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  11. Much difference? I'm looking at doing the 45 rear and make it out to lower gearing by just under 5%.

    On the pipe thing, debaffling the stocker (sensibly) is one cheaper option. You could even consider then running through just the one, then pulling the guts out of the other and using it for storage, like the setup Two Bros has with their slip-ons for the 800.
  12. Ha..wasn't it you who gave me that tip???
    And it is the 45 I put on...well pretty sure. And yes it takes the slight doughiness out of the throttle response. Probably the cheapest and best thing I have done on it.
  13. Yeah, I did all the homework but haven't done it myself yet. I did order another front, but it was the stock 16T instead of 15T (which makes a bit over 6% down). Now I'm thinking 45 rear instead so it'll be easier to change, plus if I go for a trick light one I'll lose a bit of unsrpung weight at the back. Also, the links pivoting further to go around the smaller front is said to reduce chain life.

    Then again, with this whole set just new, changing the front is cheaper. Actually it's not, because now I have two new stock sized 16T front sprockets.
  14. Fitted Staintune pipes to my bike today. Was a pretty slow ride home from work in traffic, but definitely smooths out the VTEC kick, and the sound is very sweet. Looking forward to getting a few km through them and see how they sound then. The stock pipes were starting to get there after 10,000km.

    Thanks for the advice everyone.

    Will post some photos soon. I think they look pretty good, agreed there is some nicer looking pipes out there, but I like the sound of these.
  15. The loud pipes thing is a crock. And whats the changed sound worth? Think about if you had a stack on your bike with your wife on the back. And she got hurt and you didn't because you had better gear than she did. She's probably helping pay for the bike and it's running costs so you work out what's fair.
  16. I'd thank my lucky stars the bike landed on her and I had just upped her personal life insurance. Now I can Have the CBRR in the garage as well.
    Chicks are ok. Nothing worse than losing a new bike though
  17. I appreciate your comments. You sound like the logical side of my brain, hence my original point.

    My bike is primarily a commuter and I ride solo. My wife has been on the back twice a total of about 40 km and has always been fully kitted out in nothing less then I would wear (my second set of gear). None of this shorts and t-shirt crap I saw today. Even if it is 37degC.

    The thing is, If she goes out on the bike with me she wants to look good so when we meet up with her girlfriends she doesn't look like a bloke. So my original conundrum was do I get pipes for my commuting or gear for my wife so she will WANT to go riding with me. Over time both will happen, and her gear will most likely be better then mine when it does.

    As for paying for the bike, well I bought her new Golf so she didnt have to drive my old VS commodore. And she fully supports me riding my bike as she knows I'm safe and mature on the road. I even wear a hi-Vis jacket.

    Sorry if I don't fit the mould of bloke with a bike who wants to ditch his wife for some time with his mates. I understand. I actually care about my wife and would never take her on the bike unless fully covered.

    I never intend to have a stack, but always ride as if today is the day it will happen.
  18. All good. Take it from me, the upgrades are easier when your other half is eyeing off the view from the back of the proposed new toy. It's a cool thing to do together, even if only occasionally.