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2011 Triumph "Tiger Cub" / Triumph Adventure

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spots, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. I'm probably the only one interested in this, but hey!

    Alarmingly, the so-comically-bad-at-keeping-their-upcoming-bikes-a-secret-that-some-speculate-that-Triumph-deliberately-"leaks"-spy-photos-to-stir-up-hype bike manufacturer Triumph has, for once, been able to keep not one but TWO of their new bikes under wraps until officially announced!

    Well... Not really two bikes, more like one and a half.

    It's the Tiger Cub / Tiger Adventure / Triumph Adventure / Who The Hell Knows What It Is.

    MCN cover:

    The guys over at Sport-Touring forums have even more pics/screengrabs:

    Triumph's official site: http://www.triumphadventure.com/

    Scheduled announcements:
    4th August 2010 - Engine
    1st September 2010 - Chassis
    6th October 2010 - Clothing & Accessories
    Plus more...

    Tiger Cub?
    Soooo, it's either gonna be a 675cc or an 800cc. I'm personally hoping for 675cc, and it sure sounds like Brownyy's Daytona in the video...

    Two distinct variants exist, one street, one dualsport/adventuretourer.

    I'm very curious to see what eventuates. I'd be superkeen on a lighter, narrower, Tiger 675 with perhaps just a whisker more offroad potential than the Tiger 1050 I have right now. :)

    Though I'm not sure I like the TDM900-slept-with-an-F800GS-ish headlights....

    I do hope it's called a Tiger Cub or Tiger 675, too, and not "Triumph IthinkofmyselfasEwanMcGregor".

    In unrelated news, Honda has announced that their 2011 CBR1000RR will be rebranded 'Honda Adventure'.
  2. You're not on your own Spots. I've just readied my Sprint to sell and was about to advertise it and get a "dual purpose" bike but am having a hard time trying to decide exactly what type of bike to get. I've been looking at everything from a Varadero (much cheaper now than they were) to a Tenere 660 to a DR650.

    This bike's now on the radar, although it's unlikely to reach here this year. If it's similar to the F800GS with modern Triumph reliability and pricing it'll be a big seller.
  3. Is anyone else more interested in the 6cyl beamer mentioned on that frontpage?

    /derailment :p
  4. Being BMW, the engine of that tourer is actually the 3.0L H6 boxer engine from Subaru. Three litres of torrrrrrrrque!

    Now, back to the lighter tiger-esque bike...
  5. I would definitely be interested in one. I was tossing up between the BMW F650GS and the Street Triple R for a long time before deciding on the StripleR. I'm not in a hurry to get rid of it, either. But the idea of something with the character and engine of the StripleR but the off-road ability of the GS would be very appealing.

    I've heard people speculating about it for a while now on some of the Triumph forums. Mostly wishing I guess, but it looks as if maybe wishes can come true.
  6. Enough about the tiger, more about the mega monster
  7. http://www.mcnews.com.au/

    As to the Tiger, the 800 engine will be a bonus to the range provided it's a stretched 675.

    Doing 2 bikes is a good idea too. The current tiger is too road biased IMO but the Europeans like them.

    You must admit Triumph really understand the market stuff. they are even staging their teasers.
  8. yep i am interested too see what they come up with too....imo though i will still wait a few years for either the s/h ones, cos i would be too afraid to take a 18-20k bike on dirt/gravel etc

    A 10k-12k bike np 20k errr no
  9. Yeah, that's something that's stuck in the back of my mind a fair bit. Big heavy high-tech and expensive "adventure tourers" seem especially fragile when it comes to crash-damage susceptibility, likelihood of a stack, and cost of repair if damaged.

    On the other hand, it's not thrown around the berms like a CRX250 and instead used for exploring within the limitations of such a heavy machine... hmm.
  10. I'm shocked by the price of modern dirt bikes in general. $14K for a 450cc bike that can't be road register and with a maintenance schedule measured in hours.

    Triumph prices are usually pretty good. I imagine the above bikes will fall in the mid-teens.
  11. This bike won't be $18 - 20k. One thing Triumph provides is value. If this bike's any more than $16k on the road I'll be very surprised, depending on electronics/equipment levels.
  12. don't know how you came to that, they will be marketed against the tenere660 14k, the larger twin ktms and the bmw gs800 which are a fair leap up in $$$$

    still would love to see them in the 14-16k price range and a 180 wet weight, i reckon they will be a worldwide hit =D>
  13. I know i'd be very interested in this... was very tempted by the Tiger before I got the TDM (and i actually like the headlights :D) but found it a bit too tall for me... hopefully this would be a bit more my size!
  14. Sprints go for $16K with panniers - why would this be much different?

    Be guessing they're lining up between the GS800 and the Strom (now there's value)

    Don't know about the weight, how heavy's the triple engine....from memory first triple as an ADV bike.

    And do triumph even make an 800cc?? Would have thought de-tune the 675, or try and make the 865 lighter, but air cooled, so tough to do.....
  15. Tenere's are currently going for $14k out the door and most people, including some owners, believe they're expensive for what they are. IMO they belong at $12k.

    The F800GS can be ridden away for a touch over $17k. The Triumph should be cheaper than the GS but as I stated, depending on electronics/equipment levels. If it's a mini Multistrada it will be more but I doubt a high tech non-flagship model would be a big seller.

    As Toecutter has posted, the Sprint can be had out the door for $16k and is typical of Triumph value. The "big" Tiger can be ridden away for just over $18k.

    Pity for me it's not being released right now because I'm unlikely to wait up to a year for a new bike.

  16. Triumph has established a new web site teasing two new Adventure models, one more oriented towards the street, while the other is a true dual purpose machine. It appears that the more versatile bike will be the rumored Tiger 800, utilizing a version of its respected 675cc engine enlarged to approximately 770cc.

    The Tiger 800 should be light (just over 400 pounds wet), and have a larger front wheel consistent with dual purpose use.

    The second bike teased by Triumph is likely a replacement for the Tiger 1050, utilizing the current 1050cc triple motor, but in a different state of tune and with more advanced electronic features (selectable ignition maps, for instance, and perhaps a form of traction control to compete with the Yamaha Tenere).

    Triumph is also expected to announce later this year a new Speed Triple displacing 1050cc, but with new styling, new engine tune and updated electronic features.

    We should know more about each of these bikes soon (the Triumph Adventure web site, for instance, has a countdown to the unveiling of engine and chassis features prior to display of the actual production bike later this Fall).

  17. What are you after??
  18. I want a Sprint ST 675 / 800, and judging by the number of similar comments on motorcycledaily, I'm not alone. Hopefully this engine will see use in multiple models. In any case it will pressure BMW to sharpen their prices or lose sales.
  19. I'm having a tough time deciding whether I want a road oriented trail bike or a trail oriented road bike. Everything from a DR650 to a Tenere 660 to a Varadero. The new TE630 also looks pretty good and will be out next month.

    You can see why I'm interested in the Cub but I need to sell the Sprint first.
  20. but will it come with leopard-ears helmet decorations?