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2011 Triumph Tiger 800 - 800XC

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. I like the xc, seems to have more power than the f800gs will be interesting to see how it rides.

    Rode the gs when I bought my Uly and wasnt that impressed for the money. Going to be interesting what they price it at. $16.5k rideaway and they will sell a lot and as the big brother is not much more I think that is where we will see them.
  2. The mob at Hinckley are killing it at the moment. I always look forward to see what they'll come up with next, but I must admit I'm a bit of a fanboy.
  3. Long Way Round remake with Brit bikes and German Actors?
  4. I've been waiting for a first look at these babies ... bewdiful.

  5. They look good, so does the new Yamaha Super Tenere. So some real competitors for the Beemers now - though my bloody individualistic streak inclines me to favour one of the newbies over the BMW just to be different, as terrific and iconic as the Beemers are, they seem a tad over-exposed these days :p
  6. looking forward to seeing what they ride like for sure, though imo 16.5k is too much for something to play on dirt roads with imo
  7. That was a guess only, but the F800GS is $19K ($20K with ABS) and this is an obvious competitor so...

    Plus people take their 1200GS worth $30K onto dirt.
  8. The 800 (roadier version) is supposed to be around Street Triple pricing - at least in some markets - which would be seriously good value if it's even close to that here.

    The XC pricing is higher because of a bit more in the way of the forks for offroad duties and I think a couple of other little bits like handguards as standard.

    UK pricing out says 500 Quid more for the XC, so about a grand or so more here sounds likely. Another 600 Quid extra for ABS on both versions.

    If the Tiger lands here at around 14 or so, with the XC $1000-1500 over that, it would be great value. The new Sprint GT is absurdly good value and even comes with the panniers last time I looked, so with the Brit Pound having taken a dive of late, as well as our Dollar being strong, we might see some tempting prices. The Street Triple originally came in at $11 990, then went up $500 not long after, so inital pricing might be good with these as well.

    I'm being a bit wishfully optimistic here, but on their recent form it's hopefully not too far off the mark.
  9. $14k here and they'll sell every one of them a hundred times over. $16.5k and a few potential buyers will wait a little while for reports from new owners. Somewhere in between, if the bike's all it seems to be (both versions) it's at the top of my shopping list.

    I agree that the Sprint GT is also great value.
  10. goz they have a stroked daytona motor any comments?
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  12. looks like a beemer and speed triple had a kid . . .
    but it's nice looking though
  13. From a thread in the Oz forum at ADVrider:

  14. I just spoke to AJ's Motorcycles in Shepparton and had those list prices confirmed.

    From them, the road Tiger 800 works out at about 15 G on the road.

    They're expecting demos in lateish Feb and possibly a first lot around then in time for a dealer conference, whether or not that means a handful for the conference and press release ahead of the main first shipment soon after.

    At this point it's looking like late Feb at the earliest, unless things go ahead of schedule, and maybe around then or early March for customer bikes. Shipping alone is about six weeks.
  15. So the XC is about 3K cheaper than the F800GS in their respective ABS configuration. Thats ok I guess, not outstanding.
  16. There's currently a red XC and a white 800 at Peter Stevens in Melbourne, here for dealer evaluation. You can look but no sitting on them. I didn't particularly like the red colour but the white was ok.

    Quoted local ride away prices:

    Tiger 800 $15300
    Tiger 800 ABS $16300
    XC $17300
    XC ABS $18300
  17. I took an 800 for a test ride on the weekend and was well impressed with it (though I've only ridden a CB400 thus far).

    I honestly think I've found my next bike in the Tiger 800 abs.