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2011 Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by spruce, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. SOLD

    Hi folks. Well I have decided to sell the Street Triple R. Not for any particular reason or fault of the bike, just after something different and feel like a change.

    It's complied as a 2011 model, but was first registered this year (2012). It's white in colour and currently has 3791 kilometres. It has current NSW registration until 26th January 2013.

    The bike has the following modifications/extras:

    *Arrow exhaust (twin highs, not lowboy). I also have the baffles, although not currently fitted.
    *Carbon fibre instrument cluster surround, with black flyscreen.
    *Carbon fibre rear hugger
    *Carbon fibre heel guards (although not fitted in the pictures)
    *Competition Werkes fender eliminator (I also have the original fender for defect purposes)
    *Integrated rear tail/indicator light
    *Front and rear pick up spools
    *Carbon fibre style Oggy knobs
    *Genuine Triumph LED front indicators, which look great (the original indicators also come with bike)
    *Triumph carbon style tank protector

    The bike has recently had it's 10,000km service, completed at Brisans Newcastle (which I can provide receipts). The bike requires nothing spent on it. The tyres are good. You can see from the pictures that the bike is well looked after and in very good condition.

    I have the full books and both keys. I can provide more images if you would like, just ask. Bike is located in Newcastle, NSW.

    Price is $13,400. PM for details.




  2. Nice bike. One thing, why has it had its 10k service if there's only 4k on the clock?
  3. 'Cause I'm fussy and wanted the bike serviced properly. The service manager at Brisans stated the next logical service to do would be the 10,000km or 6 month service, given that the bike is a little over 6 months old.
  4. You confuse me Spruce Goose, but good luck with the sale anyway :D
  5. If you care to elaborate, perhaps I can clear the confusion :confused:
  6. Just the service thing, you're a weird guy but I can dig it
  7. Nah I'm a qualified car mechanic, but have no idea when it comes to bikes. I would rather just pay the money to get it serviced regularly and have that piece of mind it's in good condition all the time, that's all.

    I don't mind paying the $$.
  8. nice bike.. good luck

    you say you feel like a change... 4000km is a bit soon.. its still the honeymoon period.. well before the OK to fart in bed phase :p

    what kind of bike are you after now?
  9. Haha yeah, I know it's not long. Even better, I'm the second owner! :-s

    I just feel like something different, I have just picked up a job which will mean daily commuting, so I'm looking at something with ABS (rain purposes) and something fully faired for some weather protection. I would also like something with panniers for work clothes/shoes etc. Sounds boring I know, but probably a bit more suitable.

    Got my eye on a 2011 Sprint GT at the moment. Would fit the bill nicely. Just gotta sell this first!
  10. oh.. let me know how that goes... interested in them too.
  11. Good luck with the sale. I had a minor service on mine at 6000k as the 10000k service interval seemed too long. (I'm a fussy bugger too)
  12. GT is nice :D.
    Got a sprint ST, only reason i didnt go GT was my big feet and the bracket behind the pegs dont mix...
  13. Hey Messy. Since you have some knowledge in the area, why would I buy a GT over a ST, or vica versa? The ST looks like it has more availability for aftermarket gear (exhaust etc) and has the rear wheel open completely, which looks better than the GT, which has the exhaust in the way. Thoughts?
  14. GT is only fairly new really 2011 i think. Companies wait a little to see if the bike becomes popular before manufacturing a crapload of aftermarket stuff. The aftermarket stuff is starting to become more widespread, at least thats the general word on triumphrat.

    The overall handling, braking, comfort and luggage are better on the GT. The ST is noticably easier to ride than the GT - likely due to the shorter wheelbase, but it definitely needs the suspension reworked to get it there - cheap enough to do though i had mine all redone for a mere $900 incl the mechanics time to remove the rear and forks, and reinstall them.

    Both benefit from things like dropping a tooth on the front sprocket.

    ST is for sure a nice bike and i would recommend one to anyone.
    You are right that the rear looks a lot cleaner on the ST and looks was of course the first thing that drew me to the bike. Oh, you will also want a hugger for the rear wheel to keep the crud off your pipes :p. Ive got one that doesnt fit (Even though it should) and another on the way to see how it goes.

    I picked up my ST with 6000k on it for 12 grand stock. I didnt mind spending some money on things it needed as i had a cheap bike overall. Its only me going nuts with other stuff thats making my bike expensive lol. 75% of the stuff though, i can remove for the next bike too so... alls good ;).
  15. That was quick, well done! :).
    Any thoughts on the next yet?
  16. Already got it!

    Stay tuned. Hopefully have time to do a thread today.
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