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2011 Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davesquirrel, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. I've just seen one, and it is no longer on my list of potential replacements for the VTR. Those headlights make it look (unrepeatable).

    Booooooooo to Triumph.

    First the Ducati Monster goes, then the Triumph. Leaves me with just the BMW F800R, and I really don't want to have to deal with BMW salesmen (and pay the exhorbitant on-road costs)...
  2. Yeah I much preferred the old one with the round headlights.

    Whats wrong with the monster? That was also on my list of bikes I'd like to have.

    Then again, Triumph and Ducati; I must be some sort of masochist.
  3. yeah those head lights are hideous, what were they thinking! I reckon they must have modeled them after dame edna's glasses
  4. What? Thats a mean looking bike!
  5. You're worried about the shape of headlights and you've still got the F800R on your list ? I'd ride a street triple first, then you won't care what shape the headlights are! Seriously though, it's an easy swap out for the older style round one.
  6. Though i ended up getting the older 2010 bug eye version, the new headlights looked good to me. They look awkward in photos but in person they actually look good, in a angry insect way. But if they really bother u that much you can just grab a set of the old headlights from the wreckers.
  7. Ditto the above. You surely can not even be considering the BMW - not even remotely in the same class as the triple. And I mean that in terms of the type of bike.

  8. I have a 2011 STriple and I waited for the new model so could get the new lights. I much prefer them to Ol' Bugeyes
  9. each to their own i guess, it's a pretty cheap convert either way... theyre actually starting to grow on me... once i got over the initial shock of seeing them on the front of the street triple, i thought about getting some myself. im ok for the now, but still might one day...
    i've heard they work much better than the old ones at night.
    just go take one for a ride davesquirrel- once you get moving you probably wont care which lights you have or what :)
  10. You're all on drugs.... the new lights are just great, and in another year or so they will make the round ones look dated. I know I have to say that cause I just bought one, but seriously, this is one fine bike, and the headlights work great at night too....
  11. Aprilia Shiver 750. Check it out. I fully agree, the designers at triumph must have been smoking crack, it looks like someone stole the fairings off a sportsbike with the new headlights. Naked bikes need round lights. end of story. (shiver is ok though i think)
  12. I like the new headlights too...

    ... yep, I just put a deposit down on one as well.
  13. First they ditched the trademark headlights and now it seems they made the Daytona look like a generic Japanese supersport. Their success is ****ing with their heads.
  14. Not changing while the rest of the world moved on worked so well for them the last time around..?
  15. Of course you need changes to keep things fresh. But do you have to drastically change something iconic? Ok, forget the new Daytona. I can't forgive them for ditching the bug eye headlights, though.[-(

    "Go your own way" - Triumph's are meant to be different.
  16. I like 'em.

    ... yeeep, bought one.
  17. Heheh yeah I figured i'd get paid out for having the F800R on the list, but there's definitely something wrong with me as i'd never normally consider owning an orange bike. Apart from one of those.

    I'm trying to convince myself that the Triumph is going to be like one of my ex-girlfriends. Funny eyes but an awesome ride...
  18. From a design point of view, without the bikini fairing, the headlights look disjointed from the rest of the bike. With the bikini fairing however, they integrate nicely, but the bike looks more 'faired' than a naked bike probably should. The old style lights were divisive (love it or hate it) and by jap-ifying the look of the new one, they have probably cut off all the people who loved the speed and street because it wasn't a jap bike.
  19. This is the down side of making a bike (look) perfect first go, as they did with the T509. The subsequent Speed/Street Triples have represented a natural evolution. Now, as you rightly say, they've ****ed it. Headlights make or break the appearance of a bike and they should never be over-styled: they should be minimal and/or functional.
  20. :nail:

    Myself included. I went and looked at some similar offerings from Kawasaki and Yamaha, and realised that's all they were now: similar.

    My plan to buy a 2010 Street Triple at the end of summer has however been approved by wifeysquirrel :)

    Best I start saving...