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VIC 2011 Triumph Sprint GT - CBD

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Dave_the_waterlogged, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Hi Folks,

    My 2011 Sprint GT (Silver) rego 1N6QE was stolen from the pavement near the corner of Bourke and Exhibition at around 7.20pm Friday 18th July.

    The theft was witnesses by both security guards from the State Trustees office it was parked in front of, and one of the bouncers from the Elephant and Wheelbarrow across the road, and by about 30 odd bystanders.

    Circumstances of the theft as far as I've managed to find out from speaking to the police and the security guards are that it was stolen by two people on another stolen motorcycle. They approached from the south on exhibition, executed a U turn and pulled up next to my bike. The passenger jumped off the other bike, then took a chisel and hammer to to mine to start it, then rode off on both bikes. The whole process was done in seconds. The original bike was then abandoned at parliament. The original bike may have been stolen from St Albans.

    According to the security guards, if my bike is recovered, I may not want it back, as it wasn't being well treated. My gut feel was that it was stolen to order as they U turned to steal the bike, but the police seem to feel it may have been a joy rider.

    All in all, really not happy, as I'd only had it a few months and was really enjoying riding it.

    Probably not much hope of it being recovered in a usable state, but its more of a lesson - this bike was stolen from a well populated, well lit area in front of witnesses. Frustratingly, it may well have been prevented by the addition of a disc brake lock... which I have, but wasn't using. So, lesson learnt I guess.



  2. :sorry: As for all the people around.. not good.
  3. Thanks Guys,

    Still a good measure of denial here at the moment I think - head knows its just a bike. Gut reacts a little differently though.

    Its a pretty brazen effort really. This was at a pretty major intersection. Heaps of people around in that area on a friday night, and these folks just pulled and took the bike. Main lesson here is that a disc lock may well have slowed them down enough not to bother - and that being in a public place is no protection.

    I've got mixed thoughts re the number of people. Part of me wishes someone had done something - but then, I ask myself how would I have felt if someone had gotten hurt trying to the right thing? I don't think these guys would have been gentle.

    Theres also the shock and surprise aspect of it all - ie, people don't know how to react, or how we would react. I've intervened myself in similar (though not theft related) situations - but you never know how you are going to react. It would have been very unexpected for everyone there.

    I really want my bike back, as I'm sure everyone can imagine, they're far more than a bundle of bolts to us... But I'd hate to have someone getting hurt in the process. Someones father or mother, or child getting hurt cos if my bike isn't something I'd want to happen - apart from those involved in the theft, I'm quite comfortable with the idea of all sorts of things happening to them.


  4. What Couple of arseholes something similar happened out front of my work place awhile ago too although the security managed to scare them off by yelling that they were being filmed as they were approaching.

    I think its Disc lock time
  5. Hope you hear something. It was my partners Daytona that was stolen early yesterday on Flinders lane but even I'm cut up about it, regardless its just a bike its yours.. these people have really got some nerve! - Lea
  6. There seems to be a massive jump in thefts recently. Always painful to read every new post that comes up. :(
  7. I cant believe a 2011 model bike does not have a security chip key system??? My 2002 cbr600 F4i had one FFS! Certainly would stop someone starting it with a hammer and chisel. Triumph must be seriously behind in this regard and that's why they're being targeted.
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  8. Seen people mod the bikes with hidden switches or combinations of things pressed for the bike starter to compete the circuit.