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2011 Triumph Sprint 1050 GT

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, May 20, 2010.

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  2. http://www.motorcycledaily.com/2010/05/17may10triumph2010sprintgt/


    A Sprint ST with optional ABS currently costs US $12,799

    A Sprint GT with ABS standard will cost US $13,199

    Most interestingly,

    Just to compare, the Sprint ST's stats are:
    123bhp @ 9100 rpm, 103Nm @ 7500 rpm, 251 kg wet weight

    and the Sprint GT's stats are:
    128 hp @ 9200 rpm, 108Nm @ 6300 rpm, 268 kg wet weight
  3. The ST will get the updated motor too, so performance difference will probably be negligable.

    Interesting to see if the superbike makes an appearance...
  4. Because I'm bored, and I doubt this is accurate at all; Listed price on triumph.co.uk for the GT is £9,500 GBP = $15,694 AUD.

    Given that the sprint ST with ABS is £9,099 GBP ($15,032 AUD), and redbook says the ST is $16590 AUD which is 10% more than the converted British price, we can expect to add ~10% onto the converted GBP price for the GT.

    So, the GT might be around $15,694 + $1,569 = $17,263 AUD at RRP.

    Ah well, wait and see, I guess. The bike has some competition with the GSX1250FA which the red book is putting at $13,990 RRP, along with the rest.

    I like the storage. I like the specs. Always loved the shape of the ST, and the GT is just as lovely. I just hope I can afford it in September :D
  5. Funnily enough, it now weights exactly the same as Honda's new VFR1200: 268kg. And the tank is a whole 2 liters larger so that should give this bike an additional range of what... 30km?

    Come on, let's hear some whingeing!
  6. One would hope that the bike would do more than 30kms on 2 litres :)
  7. The new exhaust ruins the Single swingarm IMHO, and the underseat exhaust heat would be negligible whilst touring anyway.
  8. Completely agree. Should at least be on the other side, leaving that beautiful rear whell exposed. That's where the visual impact of a single-sided swingarm comes from.
  9. Looking for clarification on this.
    Is the ST going to be more for spirited rides with a good touring and the GT going to be more touring and good for spirited rides?

    I guess better way to say what I am trying to
    ST = Sport / Touring
    GT = Sport / Touring
    Is that the impression others are getting?
  10. I think ST= VFR800
    GT=Kwaka ZX14

    Or something like that. I read that the Sprint started out sporty and gradually got more 'touring'.
  11. The GT is really just an updated, more touring oriented ST so there's not much between them. I reckon the ST will go from the lineup. The changes from the ST rectify what many Sprint riders have complained about since the introduction of the 1050, those being the seat shape, light pattern, pannier size and heat from under the seat, although I haven't found the latter two to be problems.

    As for mileage, I easily get 400+km to a tank when touring on my '07 ST and 350km in general riding. You won't be getting that from the new VFR.
  12. I reckon personally that Triumph is shitting itself about the popularity of it's 675 engine and is trying desperately to adapt that to a Superbike platform. It's what I'd be doing if I was John Bloor.

    Can't wait for Triumph's new proper offerings, personally. I reckon they are killing it so far.
  13. ST = Sports Touring
    GT = Grand Touring

    That's the convention that's been observed in European cars, I'm guessing Triumph has borrowed it. No way can this bike be a competitor for the ZX14, etc; it's too "underpowered" compared to them,. But it will carve out its own niche as Triumph products tend to do.
  14. I got a price from one dealer here in Sydney, they are giving out a price of $17,800 ride away, so I guess we were not too far off our estimates.

    I did find a post claiming that Australia would not see the 2011 ST, that the GT was going to replace the ST in Australia, with other countries getting both. I think this is just speculation though.

    Apparently dealers in Sydney are getting their first batch of display bikes next week. The bikes should be available from October; not sure if this means you can place the order then or get delivery then or what; I expect anyone wanting a GT will be waiting a few months if they manage to get in early.