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Touring / Sports Touring 2011 Tiger 1050

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  1. Gooza submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2011 Tiger 1050

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  2. Veerrryyy Niiiiice :)
  3. Nice shots Alan, interested in what camera/lens combination you used for those photos? :woot:
  4. Awesome buy..
  5. Someone elses :snaphappy:
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  6. Any chance you might be able to get it during the week if the rwc is done earlier?
  7. Great work Alan, your young bloke must be excited!!!!
  8. I just have to wait and see then he gets the RWC. Then I have to work out how to get it. It has the panniers off and grab bars installed for now, extra factory exhaust in a box, and other odds and sods I'll have to pick up when I take possession (or maybe I get earlier/later) over 2 trips.
  9. GoozaGooza i have friday off this week so if you need help picking up the rest of the bits let me know. Happy to drive :)
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  10. Thats a great looking bike : )

    Would love to get one of those and point it west and ride until I run out of road.
  11. Well. The new front Rotors have finally arrived, and should be fitted tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll pick it up tomorrow night :)
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  12. Going riding tomorrow then?? ;)
  13. Well, ater a long 2 week wait it for front rotor to turn uo and the be fitted, my babies home Weather was just crap, so now it's all covered in crap and road grime,

    Replaced the Hl7 lo beam with a Philips Extreme +130, and the tail light with an LED. More lights are coming via slow boat from ebay.

    Awesome amount of power with litte wrist involved. Still wary aournd coners in the rain though.

    Hopefull its warmer tomorrow eveninyg.

    Reallig thinking I need to the lowerig links installed,
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  14. Hmm, Appears I was under the influence of a sleeping tablet last night when I typed the above. :sleep:

    Well, today its had a clean, and I've installed 25mm lowering links, and dropped the front forks 10mm through the triple tree.

    Will be easier to get the feet down, but a whole lot more effort to get on the centre stand.

    Now to adjust the rear brake, I am nearly breaking my ankle trying to get my foot down far enough to reach the fcuker.
  15. I love those Triumph Tigers, your one looks especially awesome.
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  16. Replaced the upper radiator hose today and gave it another flush out. Original hose had a big bulge at the entrance to the thermostat.

    Added a Charge Warning Light the other day, which will let me know if the Stator or the R/R goes.

    Took the boy out tonight for his first ride as pillion on it, started scraping the road making right turns.

    Lifted the Centre Stand about 10mm (since rear was lowered 25mm) as per the lowering link instructions, only to finally twig it was the exhaust clamp that appears to have hit terra firma.

    So span it round so that the head of the bolt was at 180 degrees, and not at 90, give me another 1cm clearance. Gunna have to be careful taking it into the twisties at this rate.

    Might need to crank up the preload, which I havent touched as yet on this bike.

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