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2011 Sydney Motorcycle Show 25-27/Nov (Fri-Sun)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by lui, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. paging Mouth

    will there be a Netrider stand this year?
  2. Last time (2009) at SOP whoever was manning the NR stand wasn't particularly friendly looking. :bolt:
  3. I wonder if could share a product stand with someone -?
  4. speak to mouth
  5. I'm looking forward to check out the MRG and Kriega booths.
  6. that's not very nice, I was on the stand for a fair bit of the time the last couple of shows and there's a reasonable body of opinion that I'm not scary at all :LOL:

    Vic and Jason were on the stand full-time for the last couple of shows; both of them hire out to scare babies in their spare time :rofl:
  7. Sweet will defiantly be going. Is there usually enough motorcycle specific parking around the building?

    Please do, I've been really looking forward to trying on your helmets ;)
  8. Bah darling harbour sucks parking is going to be crap and not cheap :(
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    Yea, Homebush would have been better, I think they alternate the venue every now and then.

    Darling Park (PWC building) is probably a good place to park, there's free bike parking at Sussex and Druitt, or $9 flat rate if you drive (weekend only).
  10. Park in Thomas street Ultimo - heaps of spaces and a short walk over the footbridge beside the powerhouse.
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  11. parking at Homebush was, I believe, contacted out to a company which allocated the spots and collected the cash, $5, and patrolled the area while you were inside.

    unless something in the Darling Harbour charter forbids such a practice, I can't see why the organisers wouldn't do it again....
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  12. Indeed!

    Dedicated motorcycle parking will be available at a discounted rate. Full details will be available closer to the show.

    Found in visitor information section.

    But may be easier to drive or take the train, just in case you want to buy a branch of things.
  13. In case Netriders does decide to have a stand, i work for an IT vendor and have worked on lots and lots of trade show stands.

    I'd be happy to help man a stand and keep the energy levels up, it's all about enthusiasm. Stands that act like shops, eg Wait until they come in the door and ask to buy something we have, never work and end up looking uninviting.

    Most stands end up with 1-3 blokes sitting in the booth either talking to themselves or looking at everyone going by as if they were a mugger eyeing up a victim.

    If Netriders is interested in having a booth, please count me in to help in any way i can.
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  14. I would love to attend this show but will be on holiday in he states. :)
  15. Parking update:

    Dedicated motorcycle parking is available at a discounted rate. Motorcycles can park at the Entertainment Centre (short walk to entrance of Hall 1 at SCEC) for $8/bike OR at the SCEC for $12/bike.
  16. If I agree to drag my son along I might get a weekend pass from the missus. Should be good.
  17. Kriega is listed under Egress Solutions TA Kriega stand - 112

    I'm pretty sure that's it all the gear I've bought from them has been listed as Egress on the receipt.
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    Thanks for that! Will be checking out stand 112 for sure.