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2011 Suzuki GSR600 - zero kms

Discussion in 'Archived' started by robbo77, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Won this bike at the Bendigo Motorcycle Expo a few weeks back, as the main raffle prize. Unfortunately my financial circumstances don't allow me to keep it. It was couriered down to Melbourne and has ZERO kilometres on it. I live in Ringwood and also own an older GSR600 so I know they are great bikes to ride :) The actual bike I won is the first front on pic (THE WHITE COLOUR SCHEME), which I took at the Expo. I haven't had a chance to take any other pics, the blue pic is just to show you how the GSR600 model looks from the side, but you can google plenty of others.

    Your chance to buy a BRAND NEW bike without the dealer profits and charges. Let me pass on my luck to you. I am asking $9,500 ono.

    It is registered until March 2012, but no RWC. As brand new and zero kilometres your bikeshop can get one for you fairly cheaply I think.

    Please only serious buyers considered, don't want many test rides as it is brand new and want it in perfect condition for the lucky rider who buys it.

    It is advertised on other sites so hurry, don't let your chance slip away at buying a brand new bike at discount price!!

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  2. Pity you can't get rid of your older one and keep the shiny new one!
    I'm sure you'll sell it no problem.

    And how's that for a government scam...a brand new bike for sale with 0 Kms, never been ridden on the road, must have been checked before being handed over to the new owner but...it needs a RWC!!!
  3. I'd be selling your older bike and enjoying the brand new one and the benefits that a full manufacturer's warranty brings.
  4. The government won't profit from the RWC, what they will profit from is charging a second round of stamp duty on a brand new motorcycle.
  5. I forgot about the stamp duty...that's an even bigger scam...where did stamp duty on 2nd hand vehicles come from, who thought of that great idea!?!?
  6. I don't know, but lets take him round back and beat him up. ;)
  7. least we know the comp wasnt rigged
  8. Do I want this ? seeing as I am looking for a bike ?
  9. You KNOW you want it Moto. Or you wouldn't have asked ;)
  10. To clarify, it is a 2009 build I think, but like I said brand new and zero kms, so guess you can call it 2011 bike as that was when first registered?

    Yes, I would like to sell the old GSR and keep the new one, but I need all the $$ I can get, so stuck with the 28,000km one and some might say pink one, and selling the new one...if circumstances were different and I hadn't lost my job the next day after I won the raffle, I would have kept it for sure!
  11. YES! I know! I went to VicRoads and asked them, surely you don't need a RWC when its 0kms and brand new, and they told me, well its still classified as second hand bike because it has gone from the bike expo to me grrrr](*,)

  12. Good luck with the sale mate, no good to hear about your job!
  13. That's one he'll of a mixed bag of luck!
  14. so ican expect to win a new bike today?
  15. did you lose your job too?
  16. yes mostly my own fault 85k too 0 is hard toget my head around
  17. Ringwood: check
    Can afford it: check
    Still 8 months on restrictions: check
  18. hmm not sure it will last that long on the market mate waiting for you:-s

  19. yeah I knew my job was on skates a few months ago, they kept wanting me to travel to Canberra all the time, eventually they were fed up and made the position Canberra based.

    Hope you get some good luck your way too! seek.com.au has been my favourite friend for the last few days...that and bigjugs.xxx hahaha!

  20. thanks mate ill checkout those websites esp the second one:google:
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