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NSW 2011 Suzuki DR650

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Plunderer, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. #1 Plunderer, Jun 25, 2016
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    For sale is my beloved Dr. I'm the second owner and bought it to go adventure touring a couple of years ago. Instead life has got in the way and this bike has been used soley for commuting duties (I live 10 minutes from work). I have only been on dirt a couple of times but never bush bashing or jumping.

    Now I have changed to a sports bike and this bike has to go. The guy who had it before me did a lot of adventure touring and was set up as such. 37000k's on the clock but has been serviced every 5000k and there is a full log book with the bike.

    Extras include:

    B&B bash plate
    Rear rack (not on photos)
    Peg lowering brackets
    Cam shaft seal retainer (can be a prob with these - I put in as insurance).

    I also have a blue 30ltr safari tank which I can include for the right price if it does not sell elsewhere.

    One of the more powerful LAMS bikes which has a lot of grunt everywhere in the rev range and pulls in any gear. Also has been a great commuter for visibility, lane filtering and parking.

    This bike will be missed but it has to go.
    Also advertised on Gumtree if you want to have a look at some more photos and details.


    Price: $5,100 Neg

    <External sales link removed - Justus>

  2. Price now dropped to $4700. Mods: if this is considered a bump, please edit my original post.