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2011 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. Warped disc?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by spottedninja, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I have just bought a brand new V-Strom. I managed to crash it yesterday and now the front right disc is scraping against the pads at one point in the rotation. My first thought is that i have bent the disc although nowhere on the disc or caliper seems to have hit the road, is that possible. What else could cause it?

  2. check caliper for cracks etc? from inside ??
  3. I have checked the caliper for cracks. There is not a mark on it at all.
  4. How about the wheel? Does it track true and straight?
  5. I had the front on a stand and the front wheel is spinning straight, then again both the discs appear to be straight as well. There is a scrape on the bottom of the right fork leg, possibly related?
  6. Yep could be a bent fork
  7. What would be the best way to check it is that for sure?
  8. I'd get the bike on the level, measure both fork legs, stick a spirit level on both legs. If anything is out of whack you have an answer. Otherwise it's a trip to the mechanic.
  9. After a little bit of research i have discovered that the fork can twist in the triple clamp. Does that sound like a possibility?
  10. Do you have a torque wrench? If you do, get the recommended torque settings for the clamp, loosen off very slightly, true up everything and re-torque. Don't completely undo anything. If you don't have the right tools please don't attempt this.
  11. What if you over tighten the triple clamp bolts?
  12. Your steering will go to sh1t
  13. Looks like i will have to buy a torque wrench.
  14. Every tool kit should have one, good luck with it.
  15. So would a twisted fork make the caliper be constantly rubbing on the disc?
  16. Yes, check the inside of the fork leg for fresh marks. Also re-check the caliper for fresh wear.
  17. What am i looking for on the caliper? there is new wear on the disc. No fresh marks on the fork.
  18. No marks on the fork leg = no rubbing. The wear on the disc will correspond with the other item that's rubbing against it. That'll give you an idea of what needs adjusting or replacing.
  19. You would have had to of bent the axle to effect the calliper, it's either the calliper, rotor or wheel that has had a knock.

    But if it is only in one spot and the wheel is true it is the rotor.

    It's too big to post in thread, but here is a link to a hi-res vstrom pic.

  20. Why does the axle have to be bent to effect the calliper. The calliper is hanging off of the fork leg. I have attached a pic that may be helpful.


    See the new wear half way onto the disc?