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2011 State of origin team announced

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, May 15, 2011.

  1. NSW
    Josh Dugan, Brett Morris, Michael Jennings, Mark Gasnier, Akuila Uate, Jamie Soward, Mitchell Pearce, Jason King, Michael Ennis, Kade Snowden, Beau Scott, Greg Bird, Paul Gallen (c). Interchange: Ben Creagh, Trent Merrin, Tim Mannah, Dean Young.

    1. Billy Slater (Melbourne Storm)
    2. Darius Boyd (St George Illawarra)
    3. Dane Nielsen (Melbourne Storm)
    4. Willie Tonga (North Queensland)
    5. Jharal Yow Yeh (Brisbane Broncos)
    6. Darren Lockyer (c) (Brisbane Broncos)
    7. Johnathan Thurston (North Queensland Cowboys)
    8. Matt Scott (North Queensland Cowboys)
    9. Cameron Smith (Melbourne Storm)
    10. Petero Civoniceva (Penrith)
    11. Nate Myles (Sydney Roosters)
    12. Sam Thaiday (Brisbane Broncos)
    13. Ashley Harrison (Gold Coast Titans)

    Bench: Cooper Cronk (Melbourne Storm), Corey Parker (Brisbane Broncos), Jacob Lillyman (Warriors), Ben Hannant (Brisbane Broncos). 18th man: Dave Taylor (South Sydney).
  2. good to see Bird back with Gallen as captain
  3. Mhmm, not overly thrilled about the NSW team tbh.

    Creagh should of been dropped for running away from Hodges in game 3, 2009.

    I don't think Jason King should be there.

    Not sure about Ennis, he brings bite into the team but he will probably end up giving a few penalties away as well.

    It's a shame about flash Gordan though, I would of had him instead of Dugan/Hayne tbh.

    When's the QLD releasing their team list, Monday/Tuesday?
  4. i love Ennis
  5. His not bad, his bark is worst then his bite though.
    I had a good laugh at him a couple weeks back with Hindmarsh throwing one at him.
  6. NSW selectors are ****ing muppets. Jason King, Dean Young, Ben Creagh, Trent Merrin? These are not Origin players and they are definitely not what we need.
  7. 17 players v TBA. This TBA guy is going to get a hurting real bad :).............

    Come on NSW, please stop loosing.
  8. Try the unexpected players, weve been smacked from one side of the park to the other in recent years. Give these guys a chance, hopefully theyll surprise.
  9. At least they tried to pick them in their week in/week out position instead of just throwing in the popular players anywhere.
  10. Takes a special kind of cretin to fire up Hindmarsh!

    No Hayne eh? Hmmm. Could have been handy to have in there... as 5/8th, fullback or winger.

    Good to see Idress doesn't get a run. That bloke's useless.
  11. Has Hindmarsh said what Ennis said?

    I was chatting to him at SoHo one night in the city, pretty nice bloke considering I didn't know him, he wasn't stuck up or anything - kind of liked him on the field, defensively his pretty shit imo but his still only young and hopefully he develops his game a bit more.
  12. i thought Idris was one of the few to show some go last year when given a run, and was then not selected again, played for Australia last week, and is now left out for jennings, jennings is a good player but i don't think his form has been anything special this year.

    Gallen always worries me, he will work his butt off, but then undo it all with a stupid penalty or offload just at the worst possible moment
  13. Nah, Hindmarsh hasn't said what happened. Just that Ennis is a good bloke etc.

    Idriss definitely has a lot to learn in defence. His attack can be good - I've seen him absolutely run rings around other players in attack. But defence is pretty important as a centre...
  14. I think it's a good, side, Hayne is prone to stupid decisions when the pressure is on while
    Dugan seems alot more calm at the back and doesn't always want to do everything himself and will take the tackle if it means holding onto the ball.
    I really like Dean Young on the bench as he could slot into any of the forward positions including hooker.

    The only selection I'm not sure about (and this is coming from a Dragons fan) is Trent Merrin. I really think they need someone like Idris that can cover centre or wing as well as play in the second row. However I don't think Idris is reliable enough, he looked very schoolboy in the test for about 10mins before finally seeming to settle in and that is definitely not something you need from a bench player. They need to impact straight away.
  15. Very confused about the inclusion of Jennings. The guy is a nothing player in my books. He's fast, I'll give him that but has no ability to pass to his more than capable wing in Morris. Waste of 2 positions in my mind.

    Jason king is a strange one. Tolman seemed like a definite favorite but I'm not Ricky Stuart and "happy if we win one game"

    I'm hoping we do better than what I'm predicting! Doesn't look good for this year though.

    What's the bet they'll chop the team after the first loss again?
  16. After all the criticism about how much the team has been changed and Ricky's vision to make a side using the "Queensland Method". I really think if he gets his way this team will stay together for a few years and we may lose this year but the experienced gained and the bond will set us up in the future.
  17. It's been friggen embarrassing of late. Specially being a Welshman living amongst these nanna benders. WTF is with Ricky saying I hope we win just one game ???? Where is the pride of state in that shoite.
    I've lived up here longer than I did in NSW. But it's "state of origin" Not state of where you live now. You wouldn't believe all the turn coats up here. Gay homo's
  18. I know what you mean mate, I'm a NSWelshman through and through but I've been up here on the coast since I was a young teen. However my parents moved up here in their 50's and within 2 years were going for QLD, it sickens me.
  19. Being an unrepentant Bulldogs supporter I'll be bias here and say tolman and morris shouldve been picked. Jason King, seriously? He didnt even play on monday. Tolman has been working his butt off all year and is def one of the better props in the game. And as for morris...well mayb he can lock brett in the room and take his place, no one will realise haha.

    Not too thrilled about the team overall, especially the bench...is it wrong to kind of wish QLD to win so ricky stuart can be proved wrong?
  20. As long ad we win one he won't be wrong lol. I have no faith in Ricky Stuart. Every club (I can remember) he has coached at has failed.