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2011 Sprint GT

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by chrome, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Placed an order for a blue one yesterday. I should see it around 3rd week of November.

    Top boxes won't be available until after June. Most accessories are currently not available or are being shipped and will be here after my bike is wetted up. I ordered a tall screen, they reckon it will arrive when the bike does, so should get fitted at delivery time. I'm getting the tall screen and a factory alarm kit. Can anyone think of any other accessories that I should put on order for it that might be a "must have"?

    Took a day off and test rode it on Tuesday, and a bunch of other bikes. Been reading about it and talking to a lot of people about their experiences with the ST. Everyone I've spoken to with an ST love theirs, and taking the GT around for a bit over an hour on monday, I really fell in love with it. Everything else after that just seemed unrefined and uncomfortable.

    I hummed and hawed over the Suzuki GSX1250FA, and it looks like a good bike, but I've been riding a Suzuki since my L's and I want a different experience. Once you add panniers to the Suzuki you're wandering into Sprint territory anyway.

    Will post pics when I get it! :D
  2. Of course you realise that all of us S/T riders now hate you?
  3. That's ok. I won't care as I'll have a giant stupid grin plastered on my face.

    If you're nice, I might let you ride it :p
  4. Grats dude you lucky bastard :)
    So did you trade the current ride in?? if so did they give much for it?

    Cheers Paul.
  5. Yeah. They ended up giving me 6.5k for it. They were only going to give me 6k but I whinged a bit, said it was worth at least 7k, and they came halfway. The pipe was a bit marked - which is what you get with such a giant shuttle booster sized thing, and I dropped it on a bad slow turn once so there were a few minor scratches on the fairing. With immaculate FU's with less Ks than mine on bikesales for 8-8.5k, I guess its probably fair considering mine is not immaculate.

    I might have been able to get a better deal, but to be honest, I suck at haggling :)
  6. Mmmmmmmm, interesting.

    I wonder how the longer wheelbase makes it handle compared to the ST?

    Really should test ride one when it's new bike time. Triple's such a sweet motor. Congrats and enjoy the ride (and don't forget to post a comprehensive review!)
  7. Congratulations Chrome!

    Will look forward to seeing some pics and perhaps the real thing after you get it.

    You lucky lucky lucky bastard!

    Fun Ha!
  8. So do you still have your bike until you take delivery of the new one?
    Also what colour you get?
    And you getting top and side panniers?
    Also how much does the sucker cost? 20k??

    Cheers Paul.
  9. Yeah, my trade in is mine to ride until my new one arrives at which point they make sure I've not trashed it, then we make the exchange.

    I am getting blue. Silver seemed boring.

    Side panniers are standard. Top pannier is about a grand; I didn't order it but will do so when I pick up the bike as they won't be getting them until probably July.

    Standard price is 17,990 in NSW with all ORC, you might get some wiggle room with that, I either got $500 off or nothing at all off depending on how you look at it :)

    I ordered Alarm and Immobilizer kit, its $600, and the tall screen which I think is $200 but I'd have to dig out the paperwork.

    The only thing I'm worried about is the length of the thing when doing filtering and having to do 90 degree turns around cars to change lanes, but I guess I'll just have to suck it and see. There is a crease on the FU's exhaust where I got it wrong one day, lets hope I don't manage to do that on the new baby. :)
  10. the only person i know who owns one is scared of it.
    sooo... that makes it a good choice, congrats
  11. So being scared of your bike is a good thing?
  12. So was there also a crease on the car or truck or what ever you got in between?
  13. actually, that was from someone merging into me as I filtered up past them.

    considering there was no paint, I doubt there was any damage to them. The crease is minor. *shrug*
  14. Congratulations, they are nice looking bike, and supposedly comfy for long rides as well as being able to handle well.
    Don't know about you, but i'd be paranoid riding the bike around till trade in time, i get them to the dealers as quick as i can
  15. Is today the day Chrome?

    Fun Ha!
  16. Evidently he's getting it around the 3rd week of November, not the 3rd of November :p
  17. Well, to be fair they did set my expectations reasonably well. They said "Towards the end of November" rather than "The beginning of November".

    Of course, this hasn't stopped me from emailing every week asking for updating shipping information ... :)

    If they told me what boat it was on, I'd go out with a camera and get a shot of it on it's way into the harbour.

    Knowing my luck, that'd be melbourne.
  18. +1 for you being a lucky bastard
    The articles read and pictures viewed tell me that it would be a bike I'd consider drooling over, look forward to seeing the the smile obscured pics of yours.
  19. In my defense I present this image...


    And you're still a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky bastage Chrome!!!


    Fun Ha!
  20. Yep, I'm pretty much in "can't wait" mode, the wait has been pretty bad so far. If I don't get it until the end of the month I'll be like fuuuuuuuuu by the end of it. I'll make sure to bring it around to all the parties so you kids can check it out. I'll feel like the first kid on the block with a PS3, I'm sure.