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2011 Royal Enfield C5 'Military'

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Gurbachen, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, sad day has come, time to sell my baby. Just lost the company car my dad lent me and I don't wanna be without one for various reasons. This is my first ad so please let me know if there are any details I've left out (yeah right, 'if').

    I'm the first owner, bought it brand spankin' new in April, so it's only been in the world for eight months, and pretty lightly ridden at that. It's currently got 21**kms on it, so very low, and I've already done away with the trouble of running it in for you! Please keep in mind that this is my only transport now, so it'll be gaining a couple hundred kays a week so quick sale would be lovely (for all parties).

    Kept up to date with servicing, although that's exactly two so far so not really big bragging rights there :p I have had to take it in twice for fairly minor things, I'll elaborate in my cons section.

    Just to put to bed any ill-informed opinions, this thing has no trouble whatsoever with freeway speeds. Yes the top speed is only around $1.30, but up to say $1.15 or so (not that I would ever condone such kitten-killing speeds) it's quite quick and nimble, I've never had any trouble with keeping up or passing anyone. It's not a racing bike, but you'll not find it wanting in any normal situation.

    - This thing oozes buckets of style, and you'll be turning heads wherever you go.
    - Surprisingly quick and nimble.
    - Very comfortable both in terms of the seat and ride position.
    - Has rego until Aprilish 2012, not sure if it came with one year or two years warranty.
    - Never dropped

    - As mentioned, top speed is only around $1.30
    - Worst damage you'll find is sc****s under the right footpeg or maybe brake lever from cornering too hard (don't worry, you'll add your own soon enough :p). There is also some minor damage to the left grip when my dad tried to remove it with pliers, but I have a replacement set I haven't put on yet, which I'll be happy to throw in.
    - The two non-scheduled services I mentioned were :
    (a) For the first few months I had it, the battery used to die after a couple days of inactivity. Took it to the shop in case it was an issue with the charging circuits or something, they gave it an OK and said I could either replace the battery or wait and see if it got run in after a while (as mentioned I didn't ride much in the first few months so it took a while to get it running right). It hasn't died in a few months, but just to be safe I give it a charge when it's been inactive for more than a few days

    (b) The second one was just this week, noticed a weird sort of clapping/clicking sort of noise running in time with the revs. Took it into the shop, they kept it overnight, turned out that an exhaust bolt had come off and that somehow made the weld between the exhaust and the muffler cracked and air was coming out. They replaced the bolt, and put on a brand new updated muffler on under warranty.

    EXTRAS (That I've had added to the bike, or things I'm throwing in with the sale
    - Crash bars (I assume removeable since they didn't come standard)
    - Motorader Alarm + Immobilizer, two remotes. RRP $269
    - Motorader GPS Tracker. I haven't actually used this yet, and I'll have to try to find the instructions booklet (I'll call the company and see if they can't send me a copy if I can't find my own). RRP $269
    - 'Royal Enfield' bike cover
    - CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger + Comfort connector (this stays attached to the battery so all you have to do is run the charger cable over to the bike and plug it in, super convenient)
    - Set of grips I haven't put on yet (didn't know how to get the originals off) that are supposed to be super comfortable

    Please see my 'My New Ride' thread for pictures (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=120558). I know they're from about eight months ago, but it hasn't been dropped, only damage has been mentioned above. It's been raining all night so I didn't have a chance to take any new ones. Only difference is it's a bit dirtier than it was brand new :p Happy to take some new ones though.

    Inspections welcome, please ask any questions you like.

    Asking price is $7500, now listed elsewhere
  2. Good luck with the sale. This should make the right kind of owner very happy.

    You should make sure you get your Ps done, just so you have the license sitting there when/if you decide to get back into it.
  3. Thanks Matt, I'll get on it, been meaning to for a while but once you already have the bike it's hard to get motivated :p
  4. Bike may be sold already, will update thread when I know

    :edit: No idea whether i've got a sale or not now, potential buyer is now dithering and out of contact, so if anyone is interested I'll still take any questions or expressions of interest :)
  5. 245 views and no nibbles! I shall be patient.

    Turns out the first potential buyer is a bit of a drinker so his commitment is a bit sketchy at best
  6. Price drop to $7500!!
  7. Hey I've always wanted a military paint Royal Enfield! Can't say I've got the cash to make that dream a reality though. Good luck with the sale anyways
  8. Mate if I had the cash I'd buy this in an instant, good luck with the sale.
  9. Thanks for the well wishes buddy

    On an entirely unrelated note, how long would it take you to come up with oh i don't know $7500? :D
  10. If you're with the Commbank, it takes about 15minutes and a few clicks of a button to get $30k personal loan.
  11. Yeah, I've done that before.

    Dangerously easy!
  12. There you go blocka, you can get the money easy!
  13. unfortunately I'm not with Commbank and the last thing I really need is another loan.
  14. Ah well, worth a shot :p

    Forgot to mention, I'll also throw in a matching set of army surplus ammo boxes I'd intended to turn into panniers. Never got around to finding someone who could make some sort of frame thing for me
  15. Bike is still available guys. Looked like it was sold a few weeks ago but the arsehole who basically guaranteed me the sale backed out after going dark for two weeks.
  16. Bike has finally been sold! Almost two months to the day, got damn near my asking price too. Now to start the hunt for a car
  17. time to hand in your goolys thats if you have any
  18. big brass ones
  19. Congrats on the sale Gurbs.

    Tappin' not talkin'
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  20. Hey, how much did you end up getting if you dont mind telling? :)
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