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2011 r6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kermie, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. This came through the email, it appears to be a render; following information was attached below.


    Pink, would suit Goz nicely, the nose of this yami does remind me of miss piggy?

    Oh, Merry Xmas btw.
  2. i dont ride a gaytona mate, yes its a render and from what ive heard, the R1 lights are being added to the new model, but i reckon there will be no change at all
  3. $10700? That's either US or very cheap.

    Looks like a kwaka.
  4. Something like this?

  5. Is it just me or does that blue colour scheme not quite work?
  6. Oh me likie.
  7. I think it might be the fault of the graphic and the colour/shading effects they've used which makes it look rather, well, meh.

  8. yep thats the 1, but u will see, will look the same as the 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, quite disappointing
  9. Maaaan, the look of the 06-10 R6 isn't disappointing. Sexiest arse in the bike world.
  10. ye but gets boring after a while, i want to see a new shape come out, been to long
  11. Looks like the bodywork on the blue bike is a little dated. Yellow one is great though.

    There is definately something wrong with that price, unless they are trying to rid it, because of its ugliness.
    Agreed the front looks kawasaki like, but even a little worse.

    And going backwards in design a little?

    current model

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  12. Yeah I like the current model, and think that its much more likely that the 'new' model will be a significant overhaul - both technically and visually - and be released late next year or early 2012. It may depend on what Honda does, though, as its slated patents for true variable-valve (timing and lift) technology for sportsbikes. Its rumoured that the 1000 and 600RR will be getting that technology to help bypass emissions laws and give good low/midrange whilst still keeping a stomping topend.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. Trying to compete with Suzuki but failing ****ing miserably in terms of the huge improvements on their previous model LOL
  14. +1 x 10000

  15. your kidding right?
  16. In terms of marketability, if you were basing your decision not on any preference by brand, instead by "Ok, who is moving forward the most, why would I buy this year's model rather than a 2nd hand model from last year", you'd go Suzuki GSXR. The progression in this year's model will have far more marketing success attributed to it than the reputation of previous models and likely be on par with that of the brand.

    I think Yamaha has dropped the ball. Honda fumbled and kept running with a 'new' models and 'new' fairing on some bikes but are hoping to continue sales with the momentum they already have. Suzuki has really made an effort.
  17. ^100% spot on
    i was in the market for a new 600cc a few months ago
    only kwaka changed in 2009...the 2010 models were same 3+ year old technology from the other big jap manufacturers.
    Suzuki released the new gsxr too late for me. shame too coz i always wanted an r6 but not when its pretty much a 4 y o bike now. I'll hold off till the NEW one comes out...
  18. that first pic with the blue and the general body lines makes it look very retro
  19. Yeah the GSXR600 is something I've had my eye on as well, although I really do like the idea of the 750 - as light as a 600 with an engine thats halfway between the 600's and 1000's. Sounds like a hell of a bike.

    Cheers - boingk