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2011 Pink Ribbon Ride - Sunday, 23 October

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    The annual Pink Ribbon Ride is on again.
    This motorcycle event raises awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia BCNA and will take place on Sunday OCTOBER 23rd 2011.

    Riders depart from many locations around Victoria and are expected to arrive at Werribee around 11am.

    For further information please see:

    Pink Ribbon Ride 2011


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  2. Thinking of doing this, anyone else meeting in Geelong?
  3. Anyone from Gippsland going? Meeting place is in Newborough at the DECA training facility.
  4. Sounds interesting. Might be worth the cause.

    Anyone riding from Ferntree Gully?
  5. I'll be there.

    I love boobies.
  6. Pervert.

    Sorry folks, clashes with the Rawson overnighter.
  7. I could be keen, What these guys ride like me being a newbie and all
  8. My mum's a survivor so this cause is close to my heart.
    Thanks Nightowl, and everyone else involved.
  9. shared the link on my business social network help spread the word
  10. It is for a good cause and I've still got that yellow sign hanging on in the back.
  11. Cool I wont feel alone now
  12. It's normally a slow leisurely ride with all traffics lights green, ride back at your own pleasure ... it's a good cause I'll be there again.
  13. Thanks NiteKreeper, it is a good cause & one that's touched my family too.

    Aussieak & Lovely Libran, I'm sure you'll do just fine if you're planning on joining in. As Nobby mentioned it's a slow leisurely ride. There's also a link to the F/B pge where the route has been given from the city meet point (where feeder runs converge) via the link provided in the first post.

    Hopefully see you there. :)
  14. don't really want to...
    because theres always so many wallys that don't know how to ride in a group.
    if you wobble up beside me and start nodding at me i will ****ing punch you in the face so hard.

    i am going though, because of a friend who's new to the scene. it's important to experience these big group rides as a new rider i think. something you should do at least a couple of.

    and it's for boobs.
    can't really say no to boobs
  15. Will the police be checking fenders, exhausts and rego labels?
  16. nah, doubt it....
    last year they had a large presence, even the cop band was there, did nothing and there were bikes of all sorts with any mod you can think of....

    think they just turn a blind eye on these events...
  17. went last year might go again this year, it is at a sedate pace and as MT1 watch for 'wobblers' police band are very entertaining, and it is a great place for 'window shopping' lotsn lots of nice lookin bikes and be prepped for the 'no rain' harleys lol tis a great cause and that lady in pink, rides a Suzi cruiser and dresses It and gerself to the max, I am talking pink leathers with tassles is a site to see, she also was kind enought ot open food containers for me whilst in hospital last nov when I cam off my bike, she dresses to match her personality :)..
  18. So is this a day ride only then?
  19. I'll be there too. It doesn't look like there is a feeder ride from Whittlesea like last year.
    Anybody coming from the north (Craigieburn area)?
  20. You found this very entertaining...:eek: