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2011 Pink Ribbon Ride 23rd October

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Sep 5, 2011.

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    We wish to advise that registration is now open for the 2011 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride being held on Sunday 23rd October, 2011 at The Mean Fiddler, located on the corner of Commercial Road and Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.
    Next month will see our 11th Pink Ribbon Ride, this year we are circulating the beautiful roads of Western Sydney with checkpoints at Scheyville National Park and North Richmond.
    We continue our partnership with the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute as our nominated charity and Harley Davidson Australia as our major sponsor. We hope to continue to make this special event the biggest yet and are planning for 1000+ bikes to join us on the day.

    Some exciting things are happening. The event is again being supported by our very own World Endurance Champion - Warwick Nowland. Do you want to go on the ride, but don't have a motorcycle at the moment, don't ride any more, just don't want to ride on the day, want to give that special someone a surprise, or just want to treat yourself? Then if this sounds like you, then look no further. We are auctioning Warwick’s spare seat, so go to our website and bid to win a ride with a champion.

    There will also be another auction for a chance to win a self ride on a Harley Davidson (subject to terms and conditions). See our website for me details on this shortly.

    And the excitement continues. Along side Warwick you will see the return of the sophisticated all round entertainer; Salvatore Coco. You will all remember him from Heartbreak High, Police Rescue, Underbelly and now Pink Ribbon Ride fame if you came last year.

    There are some great photos/memories from previous Pink Ribbon Rides which have been placed on Youtube. Just follow this link and enjoy.

    Register On Line

    Alternatively, go to our website www.pinkribbonride.com and download a form and either send it in or just bring it with you on the day.

    All those who pre-register will receive a letter confirming their registration and official badge which will be posted prior to the event, but this will also depend on how close to the event you register. All the other paper work will be available on the day at the venue.

    If you don’t want to wait in the queue to purchase your merchandise to add to your growing merchandise and/or badge collection, then as you register on line using our quick link, simply add your selection of merchandise all in one easy transaction. As with registrations, a form can also be downloaded from the website and posted.

    We have a lot of fantastic prizes on offer and our major raffle gives you the chance to win a zippy scooter as well as vouchers, bike gear and heaps more. If you are interested in helping sell some tickets, then please email info@pinkribbonride.com and we will gladly organise a book or two for you.

    We know how many of you love to dress up and we’ll be rewarding the best dressed bike & rider and best dressed scooter & rider on the day and for all you trivia buffs we’ve come up with ten more questions to test your bike expertise.

    So, jump on, register, add your purchases and start preparing for a wonderful experience.

    Check out the website at www.pinkribbonride.com and get your registration and payment in as soon as you can so you can start gathering the all important sponsorship from friends, family, colleagues, neighbours... anyone! The greatest sponsorship tallies will also win fantastic prizes and help us achieve our target of $60,000.

    Sponsorship is where you as the rider and the Pink Ribbon Ride can make a real difference. It has such an enormous impact on the services and support that the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute is able to provide for those whose lives are affected by cancer.

    We look forward to your company on October 23rd.

    Kind regards,
    Pink Ribbon Ride Committee

  2. I applaud what this ride does, but can't someone proof-read stuff before they post it on a website?

    so here's an offer, I can't make the ride but I'm happy to sponsor a Netrider who can :).

    and goz, can you re-format the press release so it doesn't spill off the edge of the screen? (y)
  3. what screen u got running, fine on mine
  4. nasty little netbook, mate, 1024x600 :LOL:
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    Somehow the venue reminds me of [URL="]Charlie Daniels[/URL].
  6. broken ankle should be healed by then - if that's the case - i'm in.
  7. Many people have lost their souls to the Devil on a Saturday night at the Fiddler. :LOL:

    How big was that dude's hat?

    Seriously though, we'll be there for the ride. I'll be shadowing (?) 20K to keep tailgaters back if other Learners want to join us. Company from other experienced riders is welcomed.
  8. I'll have the mrs on the back so will be taking it easy
  9. Good stuff Goz.
  10. yep if i'm not working that weekend i'm in. Will pay a regestration either way as its a great cause
  11. I'll be there, I missed out last year because of work but I'll be making it this time. See you all there !!
  12. Hopefully we won't need a boat this year.
  13. yep remember gettingthe tank full of bad fuel last year and being spewing i couldn't go then on the day seeing all the rain and going, oh well hope finn has fun lol
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  14. Are all bikes invited to this, or only cruisers/Harleys?

    Just noticed they are sponsored by H/D.

    Would love to turn up on my Duke, but dont want to be frowned upon, laughed at, shot etc etc.
  15. Hi all

    I;d love to be part of this but it's the same day as the Rugby World Cup Final.

    The website does not list a route, does anyone know the route and what time it finishes?
  16. Any bike is welcome, heaps of sporties, motards and tourers

    The 2011 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride suggested route will be available for you to download in advance of the ride.

    You can leave the ride anytime
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  17. Looks like I'll be there again this year! Looking forward to meeting a few Netriders and fingers crossed for fine weather. :)
  18. Ill be out there with a few mates within my circle of friends whom are not registered on here..We shall be heading out to the Fiddler from cherrybrook/castle hill area if anyone wants to tag along with us for the ride...just let us know so we can wait around for you and i can give you the address we will be leaving from. (send me a message)

    Most of us are only still on our L's (with one inexperienced rider) so we will be taking it easy! =]

    Also if you happen to see me out and about dont be afriad to give a wave or come say hi, ill be on the Red/White Honda CBR (exhaust), red helmet.

  19. fingers crossed the weather gods are nice to us
  20. I will be there, just going to go book now, a couple of non net rider mates and I will most likely be leaving from Kings Langleyish area, maybe Kings Langley Shopping centre or Kings Park macca's?? So anyone interested just say. Be good to meet some other netriders!