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2011 Ninja 400R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kermie, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    http://www.kawasaki-motors.com/model/er-4n/spec.jsp for those who can read Japanese.

  2. If they changed the back end so you could put a seat cowl on I think it would look great
  3. Yeah, the seat looks a little out of place with the fairing on the front.

    Is the 199kg dry or wet?
  4. Sounds like fun. Gotta wonder why you'd bother though when you can get the 650 version that'd be essentially identical apart from more torque and power.

    You need to realise that the Japanese market has a 400cc learner cap, and thus often makes 400cc versions of bike for the home market only. Examples include the Honda CBR400RR, Kawasaki W400, Honda VT400 cruiser... and now the Ninja 400R.

    It would be interesting if they bought it here, but I doubt they would due to the market being saturated with both 250's and learner-approved 650's. The 400 would likely not be cheaper than the LAMS 650 so it seems a bit pointless.

    CHeers - boingk
  5. This will meet LAMS spec.
  6. I'd take an unrestricted 400 over a restricted 650 any day.
  7. Damn.
  8. mutten dressed as lamb if you ask me...
  9. 200kg seems heavy for a 400.

    Also, where are the supersports on the Kawasaki Japan website? They don't seem to be listed.
  10. The 650s already do.

    EDIT: albeit in restricted incarnation
  11. Not if they are telling the truth. If they are using the standard sportsbike scales, then yeh, would be a bit heavy.
  12. IMHO
    If it had full fairings (similar to 250 ninja) in unrestricted form, for LAMS or full market would sell well, but as stated it's prob designed with local market in kind.
  13. Shame about the parallel twin a high reving I4 or v4 i would buy aslong as it wasnt so heavy
    And seat looks ugly
  14. Its a ninja 650 with the same motor, but sleeved down. Whoop de do. Why bother?
  15. An I4 learner sports bike... gee that will be hard to find!


    I would consider buying the new 400, never liked the idea of a restricted bike and apparently they can't be unrestricted in NSW anyway :grr:

    But I will probably be buying a DR650se next month anyway :D
  16. Sounds like they are quite heavy and the HP ain't anything to get excited about.
  17. Yes, but this has a lot more horsespowers!
  18. Most likely its the same bore size but with a shorter stroke. This would only require new rods and pistons, instead of that plus a different bore liner... They also do the same thing with the W650 and its Japan-market-offspawn-sibling, the W400. Shorter stroke, nothing more. Makes for very simple and streamlined factory assembly and parts management.

    An interesting side effect of this would be that you could buy a 400 and do some (relatively) simple engine work to make it a 650. I know of at least one person who is doing this with their W400 to make it a W650. It may actually be more involved than just the pistons and rods, but if its not then it'd be a bloody good learner project.

    Awesome, the big single trailies rock! I'd highly recommend the XR600R, although you can't carry passengers on it and it doesn't have electric start. Other than that, I'm loving mine. Unifilter performance filter & cage are in, and a Stage 1 HotCam and performance CDI unit are on the way... Seriously fun through the twisties!

    Cheers - boingk
  19. Hmm I wonder how much it'd fetch (if it ever came out here ofc). 12? for the 650 and just under 8 for the 250. I doubt it'd compete with the ABS CB400s
  20. Why? The twin will have better torque and power spread and you aren't going to get a top end benefit of high power of a four because it is a muted LAM bike.