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2011 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lowercase, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. #1 lowercase, Nov 30, 2010
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    I would sell my entire family just to have this bike... but that's just me.

    I would work day and night for 6 months just to have this bike... but that's just me.


  2. Definitely a nice bike especially after seeing it/poking it in the flesh at the Melbourne exhibition.
  3. did you see it at the show? looks even better in the flesh!

    I'm hoping to be fortunate enough to ride it before it goes to the media. fingers crossed!!
  4. Yes I saw it and looks very nice in the flesh. It's better than it's Triumph equivalent thruxton or whatever.

    Here's some detailed pics and info on the V7.
  5. I saw your pic of it, ResmeN and then HAD to know more about it. So went and googled and was even more pleased :D

    How much is it retailing for? Anyone know?
  6. 16490rrp plus orc give our take a few hundred!
  7. hmmm... might be affordable in a few years... maybe... *cries* (for me)
  8. It's a very very good looking bike but it would have been a much better riders machine if they'd built it around the big block motor instead of the small block.

    The main problem with riding this is it looks like a classic racer and yet a GS500 is going to blow you away at the lights (let alone a Thruxton).

    And yes I know... Moto Guzzi's aren't about straight line performance (I should know I've owned a couple) but the big blocks aren't slow... and the small blocks are (which doesn't matter for the cruising around naked type bikes) but this isn't one of those.
  9. the pricing isn't to bad considering the exclusivity of it. I'm hearing no more than 200 units globally with only 20 making it to our shores.
  10. Agreed!
  11. Sexy bike, don't like the crouched down racer position on an oldschool slow bike though...
    Talk about uncomfortable.

    My retro-ish dream is one of those new Honda CB1100 please :)
    (with some serious modifications)

    Saving for one next year, but thats just me...

    Good luck getting the bike of your dreams lower :D
  12. that's a hell of a lot of cooling fins for a small engine.

    I prefer last years cafe model. That one was simply adorable.
  13. You'd probably know too, then, that the big block motor is a lot heavier. I'm also not sure the V7 wouldn't grunt off the line or do roll-ons better than a GS. It would sure as hell look and sound better either way.

    What it really needs is a four valve upgrade.

    And absolutely a 1200 sibling (Le Mans or "V12 Cafe") is at least five years overdue. Hell, even the MGS-01 styling on a Griso chassis would do very nicely.

    As the the other point about the lean to the grips, it's actually fairly mild. Bit if it's still more than to one's liking then the V7 Classic is much the same bike with higher bars and few other minor differences.

    But the Cafe Racer in Gold is a thing of beauty up close. The trouble is you can buy so many good bikes for that sort of cash, though I've seen deals on them at times.
  14. Lose the rather tacky "7" numbers and we'll talk.

    Personally I think I'd rather work from an old 70s V7 Sport, especially if I felt like throwing around that money. If nothing else, the 744 is nothing like as sexy a lump as the old 748.
  15. There is something about the Moto Guzzi V7 line that I really like.
    Have you guys heard a V7 classic with an exhaust? It sounds amazing.

    I love the V7 classic - massive fan.
  16. i don't like it
  17. if it's going to look good (which it does) and it's going to cost around $17,000 on the road (which it will) then it's going to need to GO FAST as well, which, on ZRX's word, it won't

    otherwise, you should just buy a crusier, looks and nothing to back it up
  18. I've always like Guzzis. This is nice, but I wouldn't buy it unless I could cleanly remove the side number mounts and get rid of the black seven on the front (the fly-screen and the white background is fine).

    Yeah and $17K is just too much. I'd pay more for one of these than a 883 Hardley for example but not that much more.
  19. I had a small block guzzi (breva 750) until recently and can only say it is a top engine. It certainly isn't going to be as fast as other 750 (or smaller) bikes but is still something you can have a great deal of fun on.

    $17k does seem steep though and many will be looking at HP numbers or more modern engine design etc, but its not always about that - the look is one side the ride is another - until you've had a good opportunity to inspect both it may be a bit early to comment on the value, regardless of whatever else is out there.
  20. As steep as the price is, it appears there will only be 200 of these made worldwide and only 20 in Australia. Based on that alone you'd think the price is justified and it has potential to be a collectors item down the track.