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2011 Model Plated As 2010? PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bryce_k, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all, im looking at getting a brand new GSXR1000. Today I rolled down to a dealership to take a closer look. Basically the dealer tag on the bike says its a 2011 model and the sales guys swears its a 2011 model but the VIN plate is stamped 10/10 which I assume means October 2010. They guy tells me this is normal and that the 10/10 refers to the compliance date not the build date of this particular bike. He also said that the 10th digit in VIN number gives the build date and as he pointed out this particular bike indicates its a 2011 model (well by his reasoning). Is this Correct? I cant help but feel im paying for a 2011 model but getting a 2010 model, i know technically there is basically no difference but i cant help but feel like im getting jacked! What happens when I come to sell the bike it will look dodge if i advertise it as a 2011 and its stamped 2010.

    Can any one help??? Is this normal for bikes because of the compliance issues?

  2. Yes, normal.
    Next year's designated model may be made as built as early as August this year.

    VIN will have designated year code digit.

    Haggle the best price, ride as often as you can and enjoy the bike.

    Or shop around for a tidy K5/K6, as most know them as the high water mark...
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply!
  4. Its normal... or you can wait a few months and get 2011 stamped.

  5. in 2012 :D
  6. My bike is a 2004 model ... but built in 2003. Unfortunately, the rego authority here insist on all the paperwork in calling it a 2003, which has lessened its value.
  7. A quick look at the registration will show you are selling a 2010 bike, so unless you reduce your selling price accordingly, no one will buy.

    The build date signifies when the bike left the production line and the compliance plate tells you when it cleared customs in Australia.
    There can often be a big difference between the two and while the compliance date legally determines the bike’s model year, the build
    date is the important one when it comes time to sell.

    A bike advertised as this year’s model may already be a year old according to the date of manufacture – the extra year will have an impact
    on its resale value. If you’re looking to buy the current year model, don’t accept a bike with a build date from last year unless you’re financially

    Salespeople are trained to extract as much money from you as possible. Do not fall for their shit. Be smart.

  8. Bit like sumoto, the advertise cbr250rr's as 2009 models when they are old as fuk
  9. Ohh man, i know someone (uncle of a mates) who went to sumoto, paid a hefty price for what they expected to be a new 2011 cbr250rr, i said, dude, cancel the order, its not a model 2011, its compliance 2011, different thing. Trust me tell them to not proceed.

    Their english isnt the best and they most likely either misunderstood, or got taken for a ride. Who knows, warning was given, but then they picked up the bike stamped with 1994, 18,000km, and a tyga kit, scratches on seat, forks, exhaust. RUSTED to the max chain and front indicators that didn't work.

    I told them to take it back and get a refund, who knows what they did, all i know is they got the indicators fixed. Moral of the story, Compliance and Build are not the same thing, especially during resale.
  10. On the other hand, it's not uncommon for manufacturers (eg: Toyota) to use the Financial Year rather than Calendar Year, or release new models in September or March or whenever the hell they feel like it. Eg: A company going by financial year might release a 2011 model vehicle in August 2010. Confusing, yes.

    I don't know anything about Suzuki's motorcycle "year"s, so that may or may not be relevant in this case.
  11. Spot on. :D

    The manufacturer model change-over is September. So a build date of 9/10 is a 2011 model.
    It will be registered as a 2010 model in Victoria however.
  12. It will cost you between five hundred and a thou when you go to sell in two years time. Specially if you go to trade. Cause they will say it's a 10 not an 11.
    Plenty of other shops and bikes that will do just as good if not better.
  13. Moral of the story, I guess, is if you can get that much off when you buy it might be worth it...
  14. Re: 2011 Model Plated as a 2010

    Blame the yanks, it's all their fault.

    This whole ridiculous thing started back in the '50s in the USA. The car market used to fall flat at the end of summer, so to maintain sales momentum the US manufacturers would release new models (i.e. next year's model) in September.

    In Australia it hasn't had as much impact as we buy our cars based on model designation (e.g. VY / VZ / VE Commodore) but the yanks don't bother marketing the model designators - instead they use the year.

    For bikes, we used to (and still do) have the same thing, e.g. in the first decade of this century Suzuki used K to designate the model; i.e. a K2 Suzuki is a 2002 model usually, but not always, released in September 2001, a K9 is a 2009 model released in September 2009, etc..

    I'm not sure whether they have maintained this into the second decade of the 21st century, maybe Japan has now standardised on the North American year designator.
  15. Sell the bike by the Model year, taken from the Vin number, ie its a 2011 model manufactured in 2010.
    Buy the bike from the earliest year you can get away with. so its a 2010 bike, even if it is a 2011 model, and if its a built in june 2010 its a 2009 model. Negotiate.
  16. Some people when selling also refer to first year registered.
    In saying that, it should be heavily discounted just like car sales, previous year plated cars are alwasy heavily discounted.
    If they don't want to play the game move on to the next dealer.
  17. yeah, my bike is plated 05, but is really an 06, doesn't really affect me though, might on other bikes...
  18. I think KTM follow the financial year for their new model dates, just to be different.
    Anyway, who really cares? If you're like me, and buy bikes to actually ride heaps of km's on, flog the shit out of, and treat them as toys rather than financial investments, it matters not one bee's d!ck what year it is. By the time I replace them, they're about phucked. What's a couple of hundred bucks either way matter?
  19. My suzuki is a 2007 on the rego papers.{ brought in January 2008 and registerd on that date}
    But my bike was a new model out in 2008 from Suzuki ,there is no 2007 model.
    There is no 2007 model, so if I sell it it will have 2008 as its year in the ad.
  20. Thanks everyone for your input... Picked the bike up the other day and it turns out I got a 2011 model with a 1/11 compliance, so all good!!! More photos to be added to the new ride section....

    thanks again...

    Ohhhhh and the power difference between a 250 and 1000... OH MY FU*KING GOD!!!!! I'm still glad I did 3+ years on my 250 before jumping a on litre.


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