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2011 megelli 250 r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Monstarr, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. any good?..

    any own one? any better then previous models.. im looking at getting one.. they just look so good lol
  2. They do look good. We were looking at them last year but reviews were less than glowing.
    Sorry, can't comment on the 2011.
    Curious though.
  3. Cheap shit, go with a known brand
  4. I was just checking out some of the 2010 reviews.
    It's a bloody shame, 'cause I really like the look of it.

  5. ahhh thats not fair Goz

    people could have said that about my gear and helmets as well being an unknown new brand

    but thankfully to the early adapters who took a chance they didn't say that
  6. It is fair cause it is what it is, you have proven yourself with what you sell with backup service while magooi will still be selling shit
  7. i went and took a ride of the 2011 special edish "yellow" megelli yesterday.. and it is actually an alright ride.. gears seem easy enough.. only thing i could pick on was the fact the handle bars are a bit low for me being a big bloke.. (6ft2) but yeah.. feels good.. good power.. and yeah.. sept its a thousand more then the standard 250.. just better brakes.. gold forks.. different grips.. and a different seat.. and also.. its yellow.. i dunno if thats worth the $1000 more lol
  8. There is one often parked outside my work - a truly great looking bike, not sure how well they hold their value but given most people tend to update when they are off restrictions it can't go too far wrong in a year or two can it?
  9. I wouldn't put my life on a chinese made vehicle
  10. Why would you buy one when you can spend a few hundred more on a CBR250R (the new one..) ? Far better in every aspect...
  11. For all its faults I would rather have that 2011 megelli 250 r, just stirs something, looks stunning.
  12. lol the megelli has slightly more hp then the CBR..
  13. The emphasis being on "slightly".
  14. sacrifising reliablity for a little bit of power on a 250 is a bit silly imo.

    25hp to what 25.1?

    honda can probably still accellerate faster, handle better and stop better aswell going by the reviews of the megelli.

    honda will have dealerships jumping at you trying to service your bike seeing, youll have good parts supply and the fact it is a honda also holds points.

    dont risk your cash on the megelli
  15. and the honda has more torque than the ninja and the megelli
  16. +1 on that, megelli is made in China, and getting below average on various online reviews, if you search around. Plus resale will be difficult.
  17. not to mention on the Megelli you can't lean very much to left or that antennae of a sidestand will fling you into a tree
  18. Ima just gona throw something out there:


    The hyo's are physically a "big bike". They are the same size as an average 600. Means they are very comfy for a taller rider. ~Samuel~ on here is like 6'7" (check out his gt250 thread for his bike), he says his hyo is quite comfortable.

    A megelli is quite small. I think you'd get very uncomfortable after any time in the saddle.

    Its poo.

    Don't be a yuppie. There's only one thing gayer than a Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Its a new version CBR250R. Seriously.

    Megellis are about as fast as the CBR125R and even more unreliable than a Hyosung. If you are going to buy one, get yourself a scooter.

    If you buy a newer version of hyosung, you'll get:

    - A bike thats bigger than most twofiddys (probably more comfortable)
    - EFI (better fuel economy)
    - Performance on par with the honda/kwaka (that incidentally craps on the megelli from a great height)
    - A bike that looks better than the honda/kwaka (but not as good as the megelli)

    Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for something that just looks good, buy a megelli. If you actually want something half decent, get a hyo. If you are a yuppie, buy a honda/kwaka.


  19. gorgeous looking 250, will be great in a few years time when they've got their shit together (if they haven't already)