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2011 megelli, 2010 ninja, 2007 cbr125 - Learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Dazzakun, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Names Daron, new rider and friend of some very nice, experienced riders and contributors here.

    Just want to share an experience as a new learner, been riding 2 months now and have plenty of bikie friends who got me along for some cruise and so far, I just love the feeling of riding a motorbike!

    Just sold my 2007 Honda CBR125R as my first Ls bike just last week to upgrade to a 250 due to the 125 lacking of power and having to change gears a considerable amount of time keeping up with the traffic. This 125 has served me VERY well, very nimble and easy to manuevre around cars. I am now sort of regretting the sale before my Ps test because the 250s I am looking at are a lot bigger/wider and different seating position (bigger fuel tank too) that may give me some trouble in the U-turn test? Practice makes perfect I guess...

    I'm now looking at options for a 250, being a relatively small guy (170cm 65kgs) I have considered (second hand and new) :

    2011 Megelli 250R
    Ninja 250R
    Honda CBR250R

    narrowing down to Megelli and Ninja. So why not Honda? not as nice looking and its over my budget :)

    I was excited about the Ninja having great reviews when you compare to the Megelli, but when I tested it myself, the response time was slow on the ninja, letting go off the accelerator drops the RPMs very slow while the Megelli response was very fast (not sure if it has anything to do with not warming up the bike that gave that slow dropping RPM) and the megelli exhaust was definitely louder than the ninja (not sure if it was just me as the exhaust are at the taillights and sounded nice). Megelli seated me in a more forward lean position, it looks smaller compare to ninja's fairing come from the middle when sitting on it.
    Both have 24 month warranty.
    After researching and looking at various review sites and forums, people state Megelli problems, but dont really say what it is, carburetor issues? After talking to the dealers selling Megelli at Ingleburn they said 3rd Gen megelli have rectified most of the issues.
    So far, my options are leaning towards Megelli being around $1000 cheaper too.

    I will be editing this post as I journey along the better bike :)
  2. The Megelli is just plain a piece of shit. I almost considered buying one of those as you can get them brand new very cheap. There are plenty of reasons for that.
    The Kawasaki might not be the most powerful bike on the planet but its a long established brand and quite simply the sexiest 250 available. The one i got was a second hand bike for $4300 and had a Two Brothers racing exhaust on it. It sounds and looks a lot bigger than it is, and sounds beautiful.
    I would go with the Ninja hands down!
    Megellis are cheap because the dealers cant sell them. I get the impression that at least a couple of the dealers down here in melbourne are just trying to get rid of them to make way for some decent stock.
  3. Issue with Megelli is they look great and are cheap, wife wanted to get one, they are lighter and slightly smaller than the ninja, reasons why wife wanted one as she's tiny. But I heard fairings and build quality is shitter, well we never test rode one but did check them out first hand, and they do seem built of flimsy material compared to ninja.

    I have also heard that they fixed most of the issues 2-3rd time around. And they come with decent warranty, but end of the day, what pit us off is:

    - what will the bike be like in 2 years after warranty?
    - resale value?

    My wife is in the exact same situation. Has a 2007 honda cbr125r as first light and nimble bike, but same reasons wants to upgrade. We are going for a ninja for her as soon as we can. She's ridden one and loved it.

    - they have better refined build quality
    - parts are plentiful
    - they hold resale value
    - still look the goods
    - and won't close shop like the Daelim brand (spelling?)

    Just our 2 cents. Hope it helps

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  4. After the 2 years, you'd want to upgrade again, a bike value can only drop in price so much?

    - they have better refined build quality - they both look and are plastic'y since fairings are?
    - parts are plentiful - tick but expensive, megelli has taken initiatives to provide pretty decent services and warranty. Parts are LOT cheaper so I heard.
    - they hold resale value - most new bike will drop a few grand in first couple years. ninja dropped 1.5k first year from the current sales.
    - still look the goods - megelli looks arent comparable in the 250 range imo.
    - and won't close shop like the Daelim brand (spelling?) is this caused by lack of sale? and lack of R&D support?

    I will do a final test riding today on both and let you guys know what I end up with :) still wary of why the revs drop very slowly even after letting go of accelerator. hope its just a choke thing. (and efi on megelli).
  5. none of those are much of an upgrade in terms of power. i would reccomend getting an I4 250cc such as a hornet, cbr250rr, yzf-r250? (i think) kawa zx2r or a suzuki GSF250V.

    These bikes do not have warranty, they however are well built japanese made bikes, that do not need it, i estimate my hornet has 50,000 kays on its clocks and i think its been around before (as in 150,000) and its still tight as a drum and will ride at 11,000 RPM all day long with out breaking a sweat.

    Edit, if you want a ninja 250R, get the last model revision, its faster and better.
    The current ones are very bad bikes. They have crap engines, sound terrible, are slow, have crap no name brakes, skinny tires, and bad suspension. Also everyone will pay you out.

    Avoid any china bike, e.g. megelli, daelim, cf moto, anything.

    No good 250cc bikes have been made since the 90's. end. of. story.
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  6. heys im also interested in the megelli. soon to be a rider, ive always set eyes on the ninja 250r. But one day i came across megelli, and i loved their design (250s/250r). i think theyre replicas of the ducati versions.

    anyways, most reviews online were bad, but they were the 2010 models. as the OP said, the 2011 were supposedly vastly improved. i havent seen much 2011 reviews. i have a friend who bought the street fighter 250s, and im going to ask him how he finds it ! will post back.

    they both looks so good and both are cheap. the one i saw was in ingleburn also but on bikesales.com. im not too worried about reselling them, only $4-5k. i might as well use them for experimental purposes or for track racing. if worse comes to worse, ill still be glad to sell them for 3-4k.

    hope more 2011 owners can verify this ! :)
  7. megelli are just cheap shit, if they were 3k brand new then they would be possibly worth buying but i woudnt touch one. there are alot better things out there to spend your hard earned on.

    even a ninja 250 is vastly superior to the jelly.
  8. Mate


    But yeah, Unconnected is right, Ninjas are boring and they dont make 250s like they used to.
  9. I do appreciate the other bike reviews, which I havent taken into account until learning the RRs are the better, faster bikes. I needed something near new and warranty, with the older (second hand) bikes out of warranty anything may go wrong and it will come out of my expense to repair.

    Having decided between the 2, after last nights ride, I've gone and finally bought myself a 2010 Ninja as it gave me a sense of stability and control. I find it a better ride, a lot better than the 125, more torque and feel the acceleration, easier to handle and gives me more confident to lean further.

    The Megelli looks, sounds better than the ninja but it gave me the feel of the 125, more agile but less handling that I felt.

    Itd be good to explain further why they are cheap shit, or just plain piece of 'shit'. I think they are decent rideable bikes, not too many things wrong besides the handle bars go all the way to the fuel tank. I would recommend giving it a test ride for the newbies, its not bad, just not as good as the ninja.
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  10. Ask anyone whos been on a group ride if mine sounds shit
    Are ferodo brakes no name?
    Who needs massive tires on a 250 unless youre riding like a tool?
    If bad suspension means a nice smooth ride and adjustable rear end then yes youre right.
    The only people that pay out on 250r riders are those that have never seen/heard one in action or cant stand the fact that they wasted their time on l`s on a bike they couldnt get a handle of anyway.
    Ninja 250R damn fine value damn comfortable ride and damn good quality. Theres your ****ing end of story.

    OP forget some of the ****ing clowns that post in these threads buy what suits you and makes YOU hapoy. Some knibheads will pay out on you no matter what you buy so ask thwm if you bought it for them or yourself.
  11. Nice one mate welcome to the club you wont regret it.
  12. Unconnected can sound like a douche sometimes, but he is right, 90s inline-4's are on a different planet to Ninjas.
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  13. Sometimes?
    The 90s inline thing might be right i wouldnt know but i thought the new ninjettes were still ex250s and i think id prefer sonething new or close to than something almost 20 years old thats done 100 thou k plus. just my opinion tho. regsrdless its still a fantastic bike to ride.
  14. My hornet still feels tight as a drum and i feel its done over 80,000km and is still as fast as it ever was when it was made.
    So yea ill take my 40hp and no warranty over your 16hp with warrent for twice the cost.

    Also my hornet has 180 profile tires and trust me it makes a big difference compared to your zongshen special tires.
  15. i bought a megelli, and i love it.

    its had issue's but the dealer have fixed them free of charge and in a timely manner, no 3 week wait or anything ridiculus.

    i didnt buy a ninja because every man and his dog has one, so that will also bring the resale value down if 100 people are trying to sell.

    i didnt buy a CBR only because i didnt want to wait 4 more months to buy a bike as when i bought they hadnt been released, but still i think they are ugly anyways.

    if i was to resell and buy again, i'd get a ducati monster or a LAMs 600+

    currently only 1 used megelli in NSW on bikesales, and its only 1k under brand new and its the 2010 model ? thats gotta say something right.
  16. okay my friend after having it for 2-3 months, the rear sprocket and wheel snapped :S i dont care whatever the reason is, potholes or extra weight, this sort of thing cant happen to any bike. luckily he wasnt driving too recklessly and is safe. i think im going to just going to buy a well known brand now.
  17. dude, come back after you've owned a quality bike and have a think about how 'great' the ninjette is.

    they are cheap, they are nasty, IMO the parallel twin sound is crap but they are good foot in the door for motorcycling.

    but good bike they are not.
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  18. I have no doubt that just like many others that have had "Quality" bikes im still gonna love it after ive owned something else, even if just for the fun factor. I have heard plenty of times that they are shit quality blah blah blah but so far havent heard anyone actually back up that opinion with anything substantial. Ive heard many more say otherwise. But besides that. I didnt buy my bike to please clowns like you. I bought it for me. And it hasnt yet put a foot wrong. L plater i might be, but dont think for a fucking second ive never been around bikes in my life.
  19. calling me a clown is a bit harsh mate, really cut me to the core. :nopity:

    no bike is perfect, and they are all built to a price. just some are built to a lower price than others. we all understand the basic idea that you get what you pay for. the small lams bikes are cheap bikes, they have to be, if they want to get riders into riding. there arent many learners that will go out and buy a 250 for 10k, even if it has radial brakes and real suspension. they dont need that stuff as a learner. new riders dont understand what good brakes are like, and what benefit proper suspension gives. but even the big 1000cc bikes cut corners, the front axle nut on the new cbr1000rr looks like it has come straight out of china, and weighs about 40 tonnes.

    to call something a great bike depends on how you look at it, if you're calling it a good bike because its cheap learner bike that gives a good intro into riding then thats probably a fair conclusion to make. but to call it a good bike compared to what else is in the market then thats a pretty long bow to draw.

    i know there are better bikes out there than the bikes that i have (including my race bikes), and i dont go out saying that what i own is the best. but for my application they work fine.
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  20. I have owned and ridden both a 250 ninja and now a megelli 250r.

    BOTH are great bikes, i think with the megelli you just need too make sure you know what your buying and treat it right and it wont **** with you. I have had my megelli for about 6 months now and it has been amazing, top speed of 160, acceleration not as good as the ninja but all round they were the same.
    megelli feels lower but your definately higher when riding compared to the ninja. I dont get why everyone bags out the Megelli, sure when it first came out it was riddled with issues but they have all fixed them and now they are fine... i think.

    ninja was good, megelli is great and the hondas i rode at HART that were 250 were rubbish. but they were early 90s ones so idk.
    but resale value i feel im going to struggle selling my megelli if i ever wanted too

    and everyone saying parts are easier to find with the ninja, sure they are but with megelli you can buy them dirt cheap new