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2011 ktm rc8r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goz, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. 2011 KTM RC8R



    Noice, i love it
  2. Definitely sexy-looking. The first couple of generations didn't do so well in reviews, largely due to gearbox issues (false neutral into a corner on a track test, as one eye-widening example), but I suspect they'll have sorted that by now.
  3. Looks good but way too small for me. Sat on one at last years PI race, too cramped in the leg/knee department.
  4. Im still waiting for a version thats the next evolution.
  5. Waaay more room than their supposed competitors (1198, RSV4). But I guess if it don't fit, it don't fit.
  6. that white/orange one is sexy as hell. I don't think I'd fit on a bike like this though, I sure as hell don't have the skills to use it even if I did haha.
  7. I prefer the white/orange combo as it doesn't appear as harsh to the eye and I also find the lines a tad too angular for mine but that's all besides the point as I'd neither do the bike's performance justice nor be able to comfortably ride the thing as a result of my "body modifications". Doesn't stop me admiring it though, especially the stealth pipe.
  8. The ready to race version is cut from the same cloth. I love the look!

  9. If that exhaust passes euro standards I'll shit a chicken.

    I've always been a fan of the looks. Wouldn't complain if they fixed the front end up a bit though
  10. The problem that I have with them is basically they are dearer than the 1198 surely you would get that or maybe the MV if you had $29k to blow on a race rep.

    If I was going to get a KTM I would get the 990 adventure.
  11. What about the Aprilia? I'd take that.
  12. I agree, that's something which has always baffled me - though I think KTMs are (relatively) cheaper overseas.

    They've got a proven track record for off-road stuff, but I'm not sure of their logic when a proven cheap Jap race rep is, what, $18k? Upmarket luxury/exotic brand Ducati is also proven and charges $26k or so?

    Offroad-bike manufacturer KTM makes an unproven entry into the race-replica bike market and... releases it for Ducati money. Erm... Am I missing something here?
  13. Forgot about the prilly. Though i would still take one of the other two as the prilly doesn't talk to me in the looks department.
  14. I think the RC8 R is around $30K. A Japanese race rep does not come with Brembos, WP suspension, Marchesinis etc. The KTM is also less common, so you get something more unique, and it will not subject you to latte jokes.
  15. I wouln't buy something just because you might get jokes made about you. Who cares what anyone else thinks?
  16. my favourite bike.

    love them. they feel so light to (in comparison to my 06 zx-6r)
  17. I prefer the rc8 over the 1098 as the rc8 is more rare/unique and looks better in the flesh as opposed to the duc.
  18. The joke thing was a joke, but I could never own a Ducati because if you own one you have to wear Ducati or Dainese leathers (observation I have made). I'm an Alpinestars man.
  19. I usually love black-coloured bikes, but it is just me or does that white RC8 look crazy awesome ?!!!
    Nice !
    Have never sat on one but one thing I don't like about this bike is the instrument cluster.