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2011 Kawasaki ZX10R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Snowman, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. She's up for sale again :(

    If you know anyone who might be interested please pass this on as it needs to go, thanks.

    Asking $14499



    Unique number plate 'ZXTEN' comes with the bike

    Comes with:
    - Zero gravity double bubble dark tint screen
    - R&G crash knobs
    - R&G fender eliminator
    - R&G swingarm spools
    - 16 tooth front sprocket
    - Akrapovic exhaust + Link pipe
    - Genuine rear seat cowl
    - Ventura rack and bag
    - 6 Months Rego
    - All original parts included

    Call or text Jason on 0431541608.

    Located in Richmond NSW
  2. Nice bike, good luck with the sale!
  3. want to buy a cruiser eh, eh

    Tell your mate his second toe is broken :D
  4. Thanks mate
  5. Seen this bike in person, it's pretty ****ing nice. Buy it.
  6. Nah Im getting out of the game for a little while till I can get myself out of debt and hang onto my license at the same time. Looking for a cheap dirtbike once this sells. My ute is for sale too.

    and most of that guy has been broken at some stage, about 10 years ago he stacked his R1 and slid on his side into a stop sign and kicked himself in the face. Two broken femurs lol
  7. Yes! do what this man says.
  8. or u can buy my track bike haha
  9. Thats after I get a dirty :D
  10. Would also swap for a dirtbike and cash my way!
  11. Bike will be sold with 1 year rego.

    anybody interested? :(
  12. Price dropped -.-
  13. U getting any bites? Im struggling on my 2
  14. Not a thing. Got 6 texts asking for my best price and to email them back at scamcity@nigeria.com but thats it.

    And Its almost not worth it to me to sell at this price.
  15. ye getting the same texts, i had 1 bloke from qld that sent his nephew here to look at bike but looks like a no go, had a old fella from newcastle ring, again nothing, shocked on track bike though, nothing at all
  16. when u get those texts, reply with this

    I have added more photos and updated my best price, Tell me what you think
  17. ^^ you guys really struggling huh?

    It's funny, i seem to see the same bikes for sale on bikesales for ages, even the R1 i bought for a rippa price and was advertised for not a lot more, the bloke said i was the only one to enquire...he couldn't figure it out.
    You're both very realistic with your prices too.....very strange.

    But you know the saying, there's a buyer out there for everything, and you only need that one buyer ;)

    Be patient and they'll sell..
  18. Thanks for the encouraging words but patience isn't a virtue I can afford to possess for much longer :p

  19. Getting the same idiotic texts, so annoying................scam is OBVIOUS, obvious is SCAM.
  20. What bike are you trying to sell mate?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.