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2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja ABS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by paintwerks, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Up for sale is my 1 (mature) owner 2011 ZX-10R ABS (Australian delivered) with only 2800km from new. I have owned it from new. It has been professionally custom painted in Crystal White Pearl with a matt tank and mudguard. The cowl decals are clearcoated in and the Ninja on the tank is painted/cleared.

    This is the model with race-ABS brakes and traction control.

    It features:

    Leo Vince EVOII carbon exhaust
    Leo Vince Link pipe
    Bazzaz ZFI-QS fuel mapping and quickshifter unit
    Pipercross air filter
    Driven block off plates
    -1/+1 gearing with a 520 DID EVO3 chain conversion
    ASV C5 all black (long) levers
    Factory solo seat cowl (pillion seat provided)
    Revalved race spec Ohlins damper
    Oxford heated grips
    Carbonadi carbon fibre engine case covers
    Zero Gravity smoke double bubble screen
    CNC quick release fuel cap
    Evotech CNC exhaust hanger
    Evotech fender eliminator
    Evotech frame sliders
    Billet rego tube
    Dunlop Q2 tyres

    I also have the original green bodywork (with the exception of the upper tank shroud which I used when I painted the bike white) which is available for sale at an additional cost. I will include the original exhaust, owners manual and two original Kawasaki keys inside the sale price.

    Registered until January 2013. I will provide a Victorian RWC to the new buyer if required. The bike is owned outright with no finance owing.

    Viewing available in Moorabbin 3189. Serious buyers only. No time wasters or test pilots please. For outright sale: I am not interested in trades of any kind. I can be reached on 0406-477-177.


    Note: The oil spots on the ground in the photos are not from the bike!

  2. Anyone?

    This is a lot of bike for the money. It owes me $26K with the paint and accessories.
  3. Thats the problem with blinging a bike, youll never make it back
  4. Heart says yes. Brain says upgrading from a two-fiddy to this would be a very, very bad idea. It's a shame it's not another year or two down the track from now.

    Seriously though, it's a beautiful looking bike. It's obviously been cherished and looked after, and I wish you all the best with the sale. I hope it ends up going to someone who loves it too.. :)
  5. True, but I believe I have the bike advertised at a very fair price.

    That said, I've been thinking that I'll return the bike to stock, sell it for less and then sell all the parts and the white bodywork separately.
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  6. oh i agree, for what you have done, u have set your price at the lower end

    redbook Private Prices $15,000 - $17,900

    people who are looking are mad not to snap this 1 up as is
  7. +1 Agreed this looks to be a magnificent example.....

    Good luck to you (y)
  8. An absolute weapon of a bike at an amazing price.

    How has this not sold yet?
  9. Thanks for your kind words all.

    If it doesn't sell at this price, I'll keep her. But I'm not going any lower in price for the bike in it's current configuration.
  10. Its certainly i nice looking bike, with a heap of mods.

    The following comments are not intended to shit on your sale.

    The 2013 zx10r is offered in white, along with lime & black and kwaka australia is offering $1500 cash back on new 10's.

    I am not saying to lower your price just be aware with that you are now limited to a market based on a "custom bike".

    If you are trying to recoup as much funds as possible then i would be selling the aftermarket parts individually. Eg. I never expected that a slightly cosmetically damaged 09+ zx6r akra can sold on ebay for roughly the same price it was bought new.

    If i was in the market for a 10 id consider it, but i like the chuckability & the screaming motor of the 6 which seems to shine at EC.

    Best of luck with the sale, im sure the next owner will be happy with it.

    PS find some twisties, it will void those chicken strips and add some street cred to your sale (y)
  11. I am thinking of selling my daughter to fund this purchase.
  12. Mate.
    That is a nice bit of bike p0rn.
    Not like many of the other tyre kickers here, I would have bought it in a heart beat.
    I purchased my 2012 (dec 2011 build) zx10 for 15,888 brand new ride away in May. It was a super hot deal, and I purchased it without ever riding one.
    These bikes are unbelievable and great value for money.
    DO NOT DROP YOUR PRICE, the zx10 is an awesome bit of kit. Return to stock, and e-bay the parts.
    I will make you a genuine offer on some of the bits:
    Leo Vince EVOII carbon exhaust
    Leo Vince Link pipe
    Bazzaz ZFI-QS fuel mapping and quickshifter unit
    Pipercross air filter
    Driven block off plates
    -1/+1 gearing with a 520 DID EVO3 chain conversion
    ASV C5 all black (long) levers
    fender Elim (but this would be better left on the bike along with the cowl as it just makes the bike look so much better.)

    PM me if you are interested - will be a serious offer.
    Cheers, Hammo.
  13. .

    I do ride the twisties (Reefton and Black Spurs as well as Mt Donna Buang). The 'strips' as you so call them are barely 5mm from the edge of the rear tyre. Trust me, the bike gets leaned over, but respectfully, although I'm more than capable of doing so, I'm not prepared to go full-lean on the street which would give me absolutely no margin for error. That's asking for trouble.

    So sorry to disappoint you, but I have absolutely zero interest in establishing 'street cred' with potential buyers of my bike. I think it's completely unnecessary. Anyone serious about buying it will more than know what it is capable of without needing to see that I've personally ridden the bike to it's limits.
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  14. Better to buy a bike with chicken strips then you know it hasn't been ridden hard is how I look at it.

    Not a comment on this bike or the OP.
  15. beautiful bike mate. all the best with the sale. Wish I could keep 2 bikes........
  16. The bike is now for sale with the stock exhaust, stock levers, no Bazzaz or 520 chain kit.

    $14,900 with the white pearl bodywork and factory solo cowl
    $13,990 with the factory green bodywork and matt black tank
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