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2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R ABS Ninja

Discussion in 'Archived' started by paintwerks, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. ** no longer for sale **

  2. What's your wife's objection? Is it sexier than she is? :demon:
  3. Once you add the transfer fee of around $790 the price is around the same as a brand new bike at Brighton Kawasaki, in fact a dealer in Mornington is selling new for $18,400 ride away and a dealer in Brooklyn is selling at $18,390 ride away, so might have problems shifting it for that price.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the price. I had no idea they were giving them away so cheap now.

    Oh well, if it doesn't sell, that won't be the end of the world. My wife was actually very friendly today so perhaps she'll come around to the bike! In the meantime, I'll just keep riding it!

    But, if I painted it in crystal white pearl (as I own a custom paint shop), I reckon I'd get my price!
  5. happy wife, happy life
  6. LOL!

    Well, as I'm the breadwinner and with two young kids, she's just worried about my mortality when riding. I keep telling her how many times I have nearly been killed by other careless/innatentive road users when driving, but she doesn't want to listen. Doesn't help that my younger brother keeps feeding her all the (incorrect) stats blurted out by Neil Mitchell on the radio.
  7. That's fair enough IMO. I'm single, no kids, and have the luxury of riding accordingly.

    Neil Bitchell should be locked in a sound-proof room, and the key thrown away.
  8. Keep the price as it is just above the market but still in the ballpark. Advertise on that popular bike website. Make sure you show her the add so she knows you are trying to sell it.

    When you don't get any calls you can tell her you can't sell it and it's better to keep it rather than drop the price and give it away.
  9. I'm the bread winner with 2 kids at home ... and I managed to get a frown out of my wife when I ruled out that bike as my next one. I'd sold the traction control so well as a safety feature that she was concerned by me not going for a bike that has it!

    Don't be put off by Mornington's prices - I hear a rumour that the bikes won't be available at those prices there for long. Dunno about Race Replica though.
  10. Sell the wife keep the bike?
  11. Jesus man!

    +1 to keeping it at this price, let it fester, tell the wife that to sell it you'd need to sell it for a MASSIVE loss, that'll learn her!

    Seriously though shitty situation!
  12. This reminds me of this ad

  13. Keep the bike.

    Buy large Life insurance policy and gift voucher to sex toy shop.

    Wife will be happy.
  14. I'd be interested in the levers if they are long, black & with a green adjuster, PM me?

  15. haha classic =D>

    I got my l's yesterday despite a massive 'priorities' lecture from my wife as I was walking out the door. ](*,) Went home with my L's paper, some flowers, made dinner, cleaned up the house then attempted to have the 'buy bike' chat. She told me then to "do whatever the **** I want" hmmm :beer:
  16. How much to paint my street triple british racing green?
  17. still for sale?
  18. Sorry....I thought I'd made a post earlier about the bike status.

    Wifey has calmed down and all is ok......so I'm keeping the bike. Have already modded it too with an Akrapovic shortie and a 520 -1/+2 chain kit.

  19. What's she like (no silly, the bike :)) with the sprocket change?

  20. mate if you didnt get a cat eliminator with the akra i would highly recommend it, makes an unbelievable difference to sound and power over just the pipe
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