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2011 Kawasaki W800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goz, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Thoughts (and yes there is a bike in the pic)


  2. It's my cup of tea, but I'm only allowed one bike at the moment :p
  3. she has great curves - read that how you will ;)
  4. Id'e Tap It! ;)
  5. The eye candy is the most fetching feature I find ;)
    Seriously, I don't hate it but it's not my cup of tea, a bit too retro for my tastes.
  6. I can see me on one of those at some stage.
  7. It'll want to be sharply priced given the vt750s. The Kwaka looks the better bike, but still . . . .
  8. I like it..pretty.. reminds me of the Trump 650 or Yam 650. Bet it goes a lot better...Shouldn't that girl be wearing some protection?
  9. I've always thought that the Kawasaki W650 was a better retro styling job than the Triumph Bonneville and this newer model looks like it'll fix the slight lack of torque that the earlier smaller version suffered from.

    Having said that people will probably buy more of the Triumphs than the Kawasakis simply because it's a Triumph and that's a more retro name.

    I wouldn't kick one out of my garage but I couldn't have one as an only bike either.
  10. truth be told, not really my flavour!
  11. Yeah, I thought the W650 was a better looking engine too and proportionately more 'right' than the bonnie.
  12. Hopefully, the extra 150ccs will address the gutlessness that I found so disappointing when I rode the 650. Don't like the paintjob that much either.

    Still, it's nice that Kawasaki look like they're persisting with the W. I thought they'd quietly dropped the idea.
  13. To me it looks like a Scrambler with low pipes. I like it, but would go for the competition first if I was so inclined.
  14. Those attached-to-the-spokes wheel weights certainly takes me back.

    I would prefer something sporter (read: more current) brakes & suspension, & perhaps geometry closer to a sports tourer, as this looks like it would also handle very retro as well.
    Not that I reckon all bikes should be able to go fast around corners, but there has been heaps of development recently in making bikes idiot proof & I was hoping the retro market, like this W800, would exploit some of the parts of that shelf.
    Ducati's Sport Classic, for example 'feels' like their most current *SS range.

    (*I think the Ducati SS range has been dropped from 2009??)

    I have a yerning for a really sporty single, which no one really makes at the moment. With the 450cc roadrace category overseas & how long distance safari bikes which are modded XC/enduro/MX rigs seem to do so well, I would love to turn out a backyard one-off for the street.
    Although I should trade to a (street) supermotard to gauge how much I dig this configuration.
    ...I digress...
  15. I think I'd take the fairing off but I'd buy it for those gold wheels.

    ...if it still had its bloody kickstart. :p
  16. I really like them. But if I had enough money for two bikes, I'd already have an old school 911 porka, and I don't have the porka yet, so no 2nd bike.

    But if someone gave me one, I sure as heck wouldn't be in a rush to sell it.
  17. Had a good look at one yesterday, hate the tacky graphics they've used to do the white sunburst on the tank. The drum rear is probably more cost cutting than retro goodness. Would have liked to have seen it a bit more performance oriented.

    That said the engine looks great (as it should) and would be a good starting point for a build up cafe racer or street tracker
  18. This is German tune house LSL's version