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2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Average User Rating:
  1. Do you ever regret getting a 250 rather than A 300?
    I am unaware of the technical difference, but looking at these two for a first bike.
    Whats your opinion on the two? :)
  2. Congrats on the bike mate they are a great beginner bike.

    Nbayne: I see a lot of new riders stressed about making the perfect choice for first bike. In the end you want something easy to start on. Easy to turn and that won't kill you for making a mistake mid corner. And just to improve your skills. 250. 300. Doesn't matter. I've seen 250 riders keep up or go a lot faster than bigger bikes through the hills if their skills were good. And in the end you can't go too much faster than the speed limit. Just enjoy whatever bike you have. most of us didn't have the joys of starting on bikes as good as the current lams bikes. Just enjoy that's the main thing
  3. Yeah that sounds extremely reasonable.
    I think that I'd definitely be happier with a bike that needs to switch gears regularly, rather than a powerful bike where you can cruise at 100ks in 3rd of even 2nd gear. To me changing gears is part of enjoying motorcycling.
  4. Nice one mate, looks great. Have fun and don't bin it ;-)
  5. Sorry I haven't replied earlier haha haven't been on here much lately and unfortunately I did lowside it about two ish weeks ago :( but there was only fairing damage so its all good :) just gotta buy some new fairings and it'll be pretty again
  6. welcome aboard sorry to read about the lowside glad you're ok.