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QLD 2011 Kawasaki Er-6N (Bris)

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by richo29, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Somewhere between Tues 13th Sep - Thurs 15th Sep my house was broken into and my Black 2011 Er-6N was stolen in the Kenmore (Sth West Brisbane Area)
    It was 2 months old and had about 500km's on it. CRG Arrow Mirrors and Fender eliminator but other than that it was stock, and my pride and joy.
    They also made a mess and stole some other stuff.

    2011 Kawasaki ER-6N
    REGO - 063 HG
    CRG Arrow Mirrors (Not in Pic)
    Fender Eliminator (Not in Pic)

    Big reward offered for any info, no questions asked.

    (For some reason the pic keeps coming up upside down)


    Attached Files:

  2. maybe chuck up a pic of you have one?
    and license plate too
  3. If they were silly enough to ride it over glorious etc today there's a chance the cops stopped them for the FE... They were defecting everyone who rode past with one.
  4. Richo - sorry to hear that mate. Will keep an eye out for it in case I see it out and about.
  5. Fuck, a magic bike that drives on ceilings. How did they get it down?

    Brand new - that is fucked
  6. Did you lock your bike up with other prevention measures? Im from West Side as well so i'll keep a look out for it. I ride everyday to work and I've attached a GoPro camera to the bike so everything on the road i see i record.
  7. Bummer mate - I have the same bike and love it to pieces.....it's my daily commute so not having it would be killer.....I feel the pain
  8. That sucks. Sorry to hear it. We got broken into last week, lost the wife's lap-top and a few things with sentimental value but not much real monitory value.
  9. Thanks guys, I only really got to ride it twice which makes it even worse, but thats life eh?
    It was locked up inside my bedroom(nothing sus!) but since they broke in they had access to the whole house.

    Found out another friend had his place broken into 2 days ago, and they couldn't get his bike started so they pushed it into the lake next to his place. Kinda think thats worse than having it stolen.

    Have fun
  10. Sheesh.....it was in the bedroom?! and they still got it!!!???

    How would they have got it started? Were the keys available to them (in the house....or the ignition etc)
  11. Wow. You're bedroom's got a door to outside or what? They must have watched you put the bike in the house, otherwise they wouldn't have known. Can't think of better security than that.
  12. From the bedroom?? Id be suspiciously looking at my neigbours.. or my mates friends. That absolutely sucks man.. been there, and mine was a crusty old bike..you must be reeling..
    Good luck.. hope you find it.. Ill keep my eyes UP for it...;-)
  13. Thanks Guys,
    Unfortunately where I live, there is a bus stop right out front and anyone could have been watching and seen it go in and out of there. I really hope it wasn't someone I know but it's looking that way, as its the second time, so who knows.
    And it turns out the absolutely awesome people who I had insurance with are disputing the security of the house that the bike was stolen from and it's looking like they are not going to pay out.
  14. WTF! how can they dispute the security of where it was nicked from!

    What about being nicked from the corner shop, or from work, or from your mate's place?
    This is total BS and should be pursued emphatically. You bike was stolen - end of story.
  15. nearly all insurance won't pay out if the bike is stolen by the keys. Thats why its very important to select your words very carefully when making a statement.
  16. ^ Oh - I didn't realise the key was in the ignition......yeah - that might squash your claim nicely.....
  17. but since his place was raided he would of kept his keys in his room and since his bike was in there you get the idea. Just remember all to pick words very carefully for insurance
  18. Correct, the keys were not in the bike but would have been in sight of the bike. My argument with them was how many people go out and leave their car in the garage and the keys in the house? Are they covered for theft?
    When I locked the bike inside of the house, I didn't really plan for some low life f*&king scumbag to smash his way in and take whats mine.
    Life goes on.

  19. Ouch that would sting! Sorry to hear that. You would love to catch the futha muckers ay! Hopefully you get it back or at least your insurance company comes through. I caught a bloke trying to pinch my car years ago, By the time the coppers got there he had fallen down a few stairs and walked into a few doors. JUSTICE!