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2011 Kawasaki ER-6n ABS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Victriple, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. 2011 Kawasaki ER-6n ABS [SOLD]


    Model: Kawasaki ER-6n ABS (note this is NOT the lams approved version) in the best color available (white).

    Year: 2011 (plenty of warranty left)

    Condition: Very good. Has currently (as of 06/01/2012) done 45XXks. Look at the chicken strips to determine riding style...

    Location: Melbourne, inner eastern suburbs (usually Hawthorn).

    Accessories: None installed, stock as a rock. The bag straps on the rear seat will not be included.

    Price: $7250


    More photos on request.

    Inspections welcome.

    Mobile = 0439 638 561 or PM me.

    (price revised 06/01/2011 in line with the extra kilometers).
  2. I will take the arrow at that price if the buyer of the bike dont want it.
  3. Not even a nibble! Looks like I'm keeping it!
  4. Give it some time, MrBling. With the warmer months approaching (yeah right, based on today's glorious example !!!) more interest in bike purchasing will become apparent.

    Good luck with the sale - Looks very nice in white (y)
  5. Ahaha, yeah, I'll give it a fair bit longer, haven't even put it on Bikesales yet.
  6. good luck!
  7. Thanks mate, getting a bit of interest.

    ***Arrow exhaust is now sold***
  8. Price revised, $7500
  9. Getting bored of tyre kickers someone buy this before I have to trade it in!
  10. Bugger.......................

    Good luck mate (y)
  11. better not say I made profit on the Arrowo then :p
  12. Yeah I wouldn't mentioned that mate :confused:
  13. Glad to hear it... Tell you what, from the feedback you guys gave I'm sure as hell glad I didn't pay to have it installed.

    Makes me think there is some space in this market to grey import and re-sell these things.
  14. you just get lucky on fleebay sometimes. I guess if you have the right tools and location these things get fitted themselfs. I am lucky I have a garage and bike lifter so working on the lower part of the bike is so easy.
  15. Nice one Alex......glad it ended well (y)
  16. Someone buy this bike, sick of time wasters!
  17. Finally found a non time waster.

  18. Is it gone?
  19. Apologies, forgot to update this thread.

    Bike is sold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.