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2011 Icicle Ride - BMW Bike Or Car. Which is more fun?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. At this year's Icicle ride there was something different happening.
    Drive from The Age was there with the new BMW K1600GT and the BMW 650i Convertible where they were going participate with the group and at the end a decision was to be made which was more FUN!

    Make sure you watch the video as well as read the story.
    Not quite sure but I think it's my bike right at the end in the background and the two standing next to it are also from the group I rode with... :LOL:

    Enjoy the read and you can comment on their finding of which was more fun!


    I won't put the story itself in quotes here as it's well worth reading it from the site..

  2. Cant be that cold in the 650i.

    Heated seats, heated steering wheel, insanly good car heater that could probably melt human bone, and a sorted enough body to reduce backdraft in the cabin when the roof is down.
  3. Still posting about the Icicle ride, Joe?

    You looking for a slapping? :LOL:
  4. :rofl::rofl:

    Just thought riders there on the night may want to know about the story between the bike and that freaking convertable bmw taking up all that space in the maccas car park...

    But looks like I haven't been forgiven....8-[

  5. Thanks for posting that. I noticed I'm in the background at Lilydale. Nice bike that K1600GT. No interest in the car
  6. Awesome tourer. The xenon lights on the 1600GT light up the road like nothing else on 2 wheels.
  7. wasnt that cold any way the guys cupping there soup were getting ready to toss it at the car