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2011 Hunter Spyder

  1. Gatti submitted a new showcase item:

    2011 Hunter Spyder

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  2. Ummm......okay
  3. Nice ride dude welcome to the world of two wheels. I looked at them when I was looking for a lams bike.

  4. O.k, That makes sense.... :wacky:
  5. its cruiser , many folks dont understand.
    dont worry many do.

    does it start ?

  6. Yep it starts every time :)
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  7. Thanks mate. I'm happy with it.

    I know what you mean by Cruiser riders get the thrill of scrapping pegs EVERY single ride though! lol
  8. What part of the world are you in you are welcome to tag along for ride sometime if you are in Brisbane area

  9. Cheers mate, but I am in Sydney