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2011 Honda cb400sf (se)

  1. Gippsland Rider submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2011 Honda cb400sf (se)

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  2. Why would the old fella import a bike when its already available here through the stealership?
  3. What brand of screen is the CB wearing?
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    Last edited: Dec 23, 2015
    My guess is he was someone that liked the old bikes and kept up with news from honda and he pre ordered one when they came out, i was surprised how many of them actually ended up in Australia when i started doing some looking into them. i never actually asked his reasoning though, the bike is the same as the non ABS version of the bikes if i am not mistaken it is only the colour that is different.

    It is a GIVI windscreen.
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  5. Hi ...Are those windscreens available in Melbourne for my cb400.
    What's a reasonable price to pay ?
  6. Mmmmm ... Nice bike ...

    I also have a 400SF (2009) model ... LOVE IT ... a REALLY good town bike in my opinion ... mine was a 'repairable write-off' .. but with virtually no damage !! (go figure) .. put a new tach cover on ($42) due to a crack ... machined a scuffed Oggy so it looked new ... and 'dressed' a scratch on the exhaust muffler ... bought and programmed 2 new ignition keys .... VOILLA it was as new ... sailed through its VIV inspection .. so I am VERY happy with a virtually new bike for my $4200 investment.

    Safe riding ...

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